Eswatini Air will resume flying soon

Eswatini Air plans to launch flights to Johannesburg. It is expected that the airline of the former kingdom of Swaziland will add the capital of South Africa to its international flight schedule from the end of this year.

Eswatini Air even wants to create an air bridge between Mbabane and Cape Town, according to statements made by Qiniso Dhlamini, head of Royal Eswatini National Airways Corporation, which currently has a fleet of two Embraer aircraft.

Royal Swazi National Airways took off more than twenty-three years ago, and plans to resume services to South African airports in the coming months.

Eswatini Air, is a private South African airline, which intends to relaunch its services before the end of 2022 after ending them more than twenty years ago. Its main objective is to provide a regular service between the main cities of South Africa, such as Jonahsburg and Cape Town.

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