OR Tambo Airport: Arrival and departure schedule

Traveling from or to Johannesburg Airport

OR Tambo Airport is one of the busiest airports in South Africa. With regular flights to Cape Town, Johannesburg and other popular cities in the region, this airport has regularly welcomed passengers on major events and international departures. However, with fewer scheduled departures on certain weekends compared to other airports across the country, many business travelers have been forced to make other plans and cut back on vacation plans to important dates. However, Tambo Airport is no exception to this rule and many airlines and travel agencies have now reduced their arrival and departure times at the airport to alleviate the inconvenience for their customers. In the past, most people traveled to South Africa by air and many of these air passengers were unaffected by the global recession, which resulted in many international flights stranded.

Since many business travelers typically travel to South Africa during the summer months, the high influx of tourists during this time usually coincides with the low season (or lack of seasonal flight arrivals) . With fewer scheduled flights and less tourist traffic this time of year, many people book their accommodation a bit early out of frustration that they don't have enough flights to meet the demand for hotels and resorts during this time. period. It is quite common for hotel rooms to be booked a few months in advance, especially at this time of year when the weather is still fine and many vacationers stay away from the beaches during this time.

With the increase in arrivals of fewer flights at Tambo Airport during the peak holiday season in January, there has been an increased demand for more flights and accommodation. With fewer tourists and domestic traffic at this time of year, the rate of increase in hotel room rates is affected by relatively higher demand and is often more than offset by higher volumes of arrivals. at the airport. There are more flights arriving and departing from OR Tambo Airport each day than during any other holiday season and the number of vacationers staying away from the beaches during this time is also higher than normal. With fewer people heading to the coast during the winter months, there is a greater opportunity for people to book accommodation and flights at the airport during this time.

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