South African Airways: Book cheap seats in Economy class

The economy class available in all aircraft in the South African Airways fleet is divided into 2 parts, among which are toilets and emergency exits. There are eight seats in each row: two on the left, four in the middle and two on the right. The middle seats in almost all rows are pushed slightly forward. Food on the plane is served from the bow. Therefore, it should be noted that the closer your seat is to the tail of the plane, the later the food will be served to you. When traveling in economy class, there are a few general points to keep in mind:

– The seats are hard, and the distance between the chairs and the rows is quite narrow;

– The food is delicious, but the menu choice is not as rich as in business class;

– If you want to sleep during the flight, don’t want to be distracted by neighbors and flight attendants, and don’t intend to get up often, then window seats are for you. They are also good for those who like to look out the window during the flight;

– The aisle seats are perfect because they are easy to get out. This is very convenient if you have to go to the bathroom frequently or if you travel with a child and often have to accompany them out of necessity.

Take advantage of your trip aboard the planes of this company to discover South African gastronomy

The gastronomic experience is one of the areas of interest, as it is one of the differentiating elements of the experience on board. Thus, thanks to the collaboration of prestigious chefs, menus are created to satisfy all palates. The menus offered in this class offer excellent dishes prepared with the best seasonal ingredients and locally produced in a sustainable manner, also including light and healthy options.
Generally speaking, in economy class you will have a seat to get from A to B. There are some differences, however, the most notable being the seat width and the legroom. The space may vary between 71-86cm, and the width between 43-83cm, maybe when you read it these inches of difference don’t seem much, but after 5 or more hours in the seat it becomes important life. Some other factors could be electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, food, in-flight entertainment, type of TV screen, and level of service.

It is often more expensive to reserve one of these few available seats, but at least your place will have a little more space and who knows, they may even offer you something extra like a catering service and / or drink or express boarding.

South African Airways economy class remains an excellent choice for a short or medium haul flight. Its ergonomic seats, 31 to 34 inches wide, are designed with comfort in mind.

The A340-600 is the best choice for a long-haul flight. The seat is a bit wider than that of the Boeing 777 series, so it will provide more legroom for most travelers. You will find the best economy seats in the rows where the bulkhead and exit row are located.

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