At Miles & More, the points system replaces status miles in the South African Airways Voyager program

Today, the diversity of so-called miles, which are variously defined, will be greatly reduced. In addition to award miles for their flight, guests will receive points instead of current status and HON Circle miles. The number of points that can be accumulated on a flight will depend on only two criteria: the class of travel and whether the flight is continental or intercontinental.

Frequent flyer status for loyal South African Airways customers

As before, points can be accumulated on SAA and all airlines in the Star Alliance network, including status miles. In order to reach the level of Frequent Traveler or Senator, part of the flights made with the South African carrier or the Miles & More partner airlines will be required in the future. Accordingly, frequent flyers can become members of the HON Circle exclusively by flying the aforementioned airlines. Another new feature is that it is also possible to accumulate points to become a member of the HON Circle with flights in Economy and Premium Economy.

Combine award miles from several members

The Miles & More airline loyalty program allows several members to pool the award miles they have accumulated individually to access a reward such as an award ticket faster.

With whom to share Miles & More award miles?

Each Miles & More member aged 18 or over can create a pool (group of members or common pot) with:

– 1 other adult

– 5 minor children.

No family link between the two adults is required, friends are perfectly allowed to pool their award miles. However, only the children of one and / or the other adult can join the common pot.

How to accumulate and redeem award miles?

Don’t delay your trips – earn miles for award flights anywhere in the world faster. New Club Promotion and Miles & More: Redeem South African Airways Voyager program bonuses for miles at a super low rate.
Sign up for Miles & More and redeem as many bonuses for miles. Convert your miles into an award ticket with one click (from 9000M). You have the opportunity to earn 4M for every euro spent with SAA or its Miles and More program partners.

Use Miles and More points for an upgrade

Members of the Miles and More frequent flyer program can redeem their miles for upgrades to enhance their travel with South African Airways. We explain how this reward works and how to benefit from it on the flights of the South African company.

Once your flight has been booked in economy class, why not treat yourself to an upgrade to Premium or Business for even more comfort and a feeling of pampering?

To do this, go to your Miles and More SAA customer area, MY RESERVATIONS section, then scroll down after the hourly details to the Upgrade option. You will be redirected to a calculation form which will offer you the amount in miles for your upgrade. To take advantage of this you will need a minimum of 10,000M in your account.

You can improve your comfort in flight by opting for:

– An upper class;

– More legroom;

– A menu of choice compared to the standard menu.

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