Mango Airlines: Online refund request form

By purchasing a ticket to fly on a Mango Airlines aircraft, the future passenger automatically becomes one of the parties to the air transport agreement. If the carrier violates any of its points, fails to provide certain services or otherwise harms interests, a complaint must be made in writing. The main thing is to confidently defend your rights and act in accordance with the law.

Grounds for complaint

You can complain about Aeroflot in the following situations:

– A significant delay at the start, the lack of conditions for a comfortable wait for this time.

– Refusal of flight or cancellation of a flight without notice, provision of a seat on another aircraft or reimbursement of the price of the ticket.

– Damage, loss of luggage, in connection with which there were additional expenses for his search or the purchase of new things.

Missed flight due to long procedure at check-in counter, delay of previous connecting flight

Any other violation of rights (holding hidden charges, rude behavior or negligence of employees, changing the departure time without notice, …).

Submitting a claim can be a dreaded process, but it is necessary. To make your claim submission as easy as possible, Mango requests that the following documents accompany any claim submitted by a Guest for the insurance company:

– A completed claim form that has been signed by the insured person;
– Copies of the booking confirmation;
– The travel insurance certificate;
– And any other items that Guests consider necessary.

In addition to the above requested documents, Mango Guests need to make note of which type of loss has occurred. Please see the below sections to ascertain which claim applies to you and what additional documents need to be submitted along with the claim.

Through the form, you can also clarify the procedure for filing a claim in your case and what documents are needed for the problem, taking into account the circumstances.

Trip cancellation or interruption

If a Guest cancels or postpones their trip due to health or personal reasons, the following documents should be submitted along with the claim:

– Relevant medical certificate
– Relevant death certificate in the case of death
– Original booking confirmation or travel document.

Baggage and personal effects loss

In the event that a Guest’s baggage or personal effects are lost, the following documents should be submitted along with the claim:

– A Mango Guest/Property Irregularity Report from Guest Services
– A police report if the missing baggage/personal effects is a result of theft
– Receipts showing proof of payment (the insurance company requires this information).

Baggage delay

In the event that a Guest’s baggage is delayed, the following documents should be submitted along with the claim:

– A Mango Guest/Property Irregularity Report
– Receipts of any reasonable and essential purchase made by a Guest.

It is at the airline’s discretion as to whether a purchase is considered essential, and will be reimbursed.

Flight delay

In the event of a Mango flight delay a Guest must submit a letter from Mango detailing the reason for the delay to substantiate their claim.

Please note that a flight delay must be four hours or more to constitute a claim.
Chartis provides competitively priced travel insurance plans, which are specially designed to protect Mango Guests against unforeseen circumstances.

Claim for baggage problems

In the event of a problem with the luggage, it is important not to leave the arrivals area immediately. If Mango Airlines has lost a suitcase, you must contact the baggage tracing service to file a claim. A number is also assigned here, with which it will be possible to monitor the wanted status using a special service, although the tracking service is not available for all airports where an unpleasant situation has arisen.

For more information on items that have not arrived, you can also contact:

– By telephone numbers: 086 101 0211 / 086 172 7522
– By email:

If the baggage is not found within 21 days, a written complaint must be sent to Mango Airlines. The passenger himself or a person authorized by him has the right to do so in one of the ways listed below.
In case of other problems with the baggage (crumpled, damaged, broken, delayed issue), you should also complain without leaving the arrivals area. Right in the lobby there is a counter for making complaints, where you must apply, or electronically by filling out the complaint form.

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