Traveling with a Golf Club Bag on a Kulula flight

Although for many the holidays are already over, it is still a good time to travel and play golf across the world, but how much does it cost to take the golf bag on the Kulula plane as luggage.

This is because it is not always practical to bring your own equipment, especially for a short vacation with a plane trip, also because the golf bag certainly cannot fit as hand luggage.

The means of transporting the bag on the plane are not so immediate, the airline Kulula has its own rules, its weights, which further complicates matters.

If the golf bag is considered “oversized baggage”, then at baggage claim you will need to collect it from a different location than the usual conveyor belt for trolleys.

At Kulula, a golf bag is counted as standard checked baggage. With a plane ticket including the transport of only one piece of checked baggage, checking in a golf bag does not allow you to bring a suitcase (or vice versa). You have to pay for excess baggage.

Kulula Airlines authorizes the transport of Golf Club on board its planes provided it respects its restrictions in terms of weight and dimensions. A golf bag must not weigh more than 20kg while its dimensions must be compatible with the baggage allowance included in its plane ticket.

If the golf bag weighs more than 20kg, the passenger will be required to pay excess baggage charges, and if their weight is greater than 32kg. It will be taken care of by the freight transport service.

The bag contains golf clubs, balls, coasters and a pair of shoes. This golf set is accepted as one piece of luggage by most Kulula Airlines.

If you have contacted an agency specializing in golf trips, it is possible that the airline chosen for the flight allows the “free” transport of the bag and therefore there are no major cost problems but only inconvenience. , if on the contrary this is not the case then it is important to check all the credentials for the transport of oversized luggage, the relative costs and the restrictions on the company website.

The choice to bring your bag is only recommended in the case of Pure Golf stays, if your holidays include sea, tourism and even golf, both for an economic fact and for a fact of comfort, it is recommended to contact the golf club. golf course where you want to play directly to ask if they have any equipment for rent available, you will save yourself the trouble of carrying your bag, avoid the fear and stress of losing your irons or seeing broken rods, and you will be able to enjoy the better your vacation.

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