Absolutely comfortable seats on board South African Airways Business Class

South African Airways is always looking to deliver an enhanced travel experience and, how could it be, this philosophy also applies to its Business Class. With the aim of making the flight hours a comforting and pleasant moment, which allows the passenger to arrive at their destination ready to face the day of tourism or business, the airline has created this space where the traveler can enjoy a unique and exclusive moment from the moment you step on the plane.

With carefully chosen amenities and details that apply to cabin space, service, culinary offerings and more. In this way, passengers can enjoy a more complete sensory experience, which begins at the start of their journey.

More space, privacy, comfort and full interaction with technology are the new trends aboard South African Airways aircraft, accompanied by luxurious design.

The Business cabin has more storage capacity, with several private compartments, extendable tables, an electrical outlet, adjustable lighting to work comfortably, allowing you to make the most of the space regardless of the position in which is the seat. In addition, the seats have been designed to provide better ergonomics and adapt to the preferences on board the passenger with two preset positions for sitting or sleeping in the 208 cm long fully flat bed seats.

South Africain Airways transforms the moment of your flight into a sensory journey full of comfort, thanks to the experience it offers in its Business cabins.

Comfort and flexibility at your fingertips

So that you can enjoy your flight with South African Airways with all your senses. For this reason, this airline offers you the Business experience with the highest levels of quality of service and well-being.

Business class seats on South African Airways aircraft are located in the first six rows of the cabin. The seats are very comfortable and can recline 180º, allowing you to sleep during a long flight. Business class is fairly quiet. Passengers traveling in business class eat earlier than in economy class, their menu is more varied and more drinks are offered (non-alcoholic and alcoholic). However, this also has its drawbacks. In the 1st row, it is near the cupboard, the kitchen and the toilets. But there’s also a bonus here – plenty of legroom and the front row gets food first. Rows 5 and 6 can cause some discomfort due to the proximity of the noisy economy class.

The seats are hand-stitched extra soft leather and can be fully reclined to become a bed. The central units have a divider panel that can be raised completely, in the middle or pulled out depending on the privacy you want, also converting into a double bed.

18 ′ inch screen, hundreds of entertainment options, powerful wi-fi and a service to personalize meals by choosing in advance from an excellent selection of dishes and meals served on board.

In-flight entertainment programs

Gone are the long and tedious intercontinental flights where the monotony of an eternal journey without doing anything was overcome only by sleeping or carrying a good book. Today, the airline South African Airways integrates a full range of entertainment services into their value proposition, and the travel experience is more and more similar to what you might have in the living room of your home.

Preferential boarding

A supplement to arrive earlier at your destination.
Enjoy the stress-free, skip-the-line experience with priority boarding.

Access to the Business cabin

A space that adapts to your needs so that you don’t have to worry about a thing:

– Large seats to relax and become a completely horizontal bed that will allow you a total rest.

– Fully adjustable headrest.

– Adjustable lumbar and back cushions that include a massage function.

– Blanket, pillow and toiletry bag.

– Business kitchen, so that you can enjoy a wide gastronomic variety that takes the experience to the next level.

Relax in VIP rooms while you wait for your boarding time to arrive

Peace of mind, entertainment, comfort … whatever you are looking for, you will find it in our VIP lounges. Plus Ultra has everything you need right at your fingertips so that flying is not just a means of reaching a destination, but an experience that delights all of your senses.

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