Enhance your flying experience with South African Airways by accessing the Platinum Lounge at Johannesburg Airport

SAA has 5 lounges accessible to certain Voyager program members (depending on membership level) and Business Class passengers: Harare, Lagos, Lusaka and 2 in Johannesburg. On certain destinations served by SAA, airline partners or the Star Alliance also offer access to their lounges.
The Bidvest Lounge in Johannesburg, as well as some lounges at London, Munich and Frankfurt airports are accessible to all passengers for around 5366 RAND (30 euros).

Relax in the SAA Platinum Lounge

Every day, Johannesburg-Tambo Airport serves passengers taking South African Airways flights, flying to other South African countries or cities. Long-awaited passengers are welcomed there and colleagues, acquaintances and relatives are welcomed. In order to facilitate the waiting time for the flight and the completion of pre-flight formalities, special conditions of service are proposed.

Located at Johansburg Airport, the Platinum Lounge is available to members of the Voyager program with Lifetime Platinum status. Access to the VIP lounge is made on presentation of a card of these two statuses. Here you can have a good time waiting for your flight in comfort.

Business hours

– Round the clock.


– Departures area. The business lounge is located in Terminal A, 1st floor.

South African Airways passengers will be able to visit this lounge, even if they are traveling in economy class.

Noisy environments are inevitable at Johannesburg-Tambo Airport. The huge crowd causes some discomfort. The Platinum Lounge, offered by South African Airways, is open 24 hours a day. Its thoughtful design and multi-faceted service make waiting for a flight or resting after landing very pleasant.

This area is equipped with everything you need for your well-being and comfort: you can watch the latest news and other programs on large plasma screens, read the latest newspapers and magazines, or simply relax in comfortable armchairs. In the waiting rooms you can use the comfortable shower rooms which will help you refresh and rejuvenate.

This VIP hall looks like the airport itself in miniature. There is a restaurant, reception offices, work areas,… In the VIP lounge, each passenger will be assisted with administrative formalities and baggage check-in.

Free meals are available in the South African Airways Platinum Lounge. You can always enjoy fresh pastries, sandwiches, salads, a variety of snacks and hot dishes, fruit cocktails,…

Do you need to work and settle your business affairs before leaving the airport? At your disposal – personal computers with free internet access in the South African Airways Platinum Lounge, and free Wi-Fi, so you can always stay connected.

Passengers who prefer comfort, who often fly to or from Johannesburg Airport, are encouraged to become a member of the Voyager program and receive a corresponding card. They are entitled to access with guests of their choice (3 people for passengers with the Lifetime Platinum card, and 2 people for travelers with Platinum & Platinum Elect status).

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