Where Mango Airlines flies: All destinations served by the airline of South Africa

Mango Airlines will continue to offer its customers the possibility of booking tickets that connect its Johannesburg hub with several destinations in South Africa and other heavenly destinations in the black continent.

Since its launch, Mango Airlines has operated daily and weekly flights providing the best connections with seven destinations served by its fleet:

– Johannesburg

The financial, industrial and transportation heart of South Africa is Johannesburg or, as the locals call it, Johannesburg. Most of them are black South Africans, living mainly in Soweto and other suburbs of Johannesburg. Unlike other South African cities, none of the language groups dominate here, although English acts as a lingua franca – a common language for multilingual peoples.

– Cape Town

Cape Town was discovered thanks to the 15th century search for a new trade route between Europe and India. The transport of oriental spices (spices, cinnamon, Indian curry, pepper), pearls, silk forced the sailors and traders of Europe to found the first colony of Cape Town in South Africa, just in the middle of the trade route maritime, which lasted for 12 months. For almost two centuries, the territory of Cape Town was explored by Portuguese and English sailors, but none of them dared to settle in the wild lands of the Bushmen and Hottentots.

– Durban

The richest commercial city and fashionable seaside resort, famous for its eastern bazaars and golden beaches, it is considered one of the most colorful cities on the continent. The city is divided into two parts: Old Durban with its old buildings, the Indian Quarter, shopping malls and restaurants, and New Durban, located along the ocean, with the waterfront on which the Most hotels in town.

Durban International Airport is located 15 km from the city center. It receives flights from all over the world and is home to airlines such as: Airlink, British Airways, Interlink, Kulula, Mango and South African Airlines. Another airport is under construction for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 40 km north of Durban.

From the city’s central station there are daily trains to Johanburg and Pietermaritzburg (Spoornet company), and once a week – trains to Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Cape Town. Front Port Elizabeth and East London can be reached with a change in Bloemfontein.

– Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is South Africa’s sixth largest city and its legal capital. At the same time, it’s something like a flowery oasis halfway between Cape Town and Johannesburg, so travelers often stop in the city. Bloemfontein ranks among the best South African cities in which to live. The city itself is not very rich in historical and architectural delights, but there are many museums here, and in the surrounding area you can find many reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and simply beautiful places.

– Port Elizabeth

Not always taken into account by pilgrim tourists in South Africa, yearning for the splendor and charm of Cape Town, the cosmopolitanism of Johannesburg, the beaches of Durban, Port Elizabeth, perhaps remains the great secret of Africa. South. At the same time, the beautiful and very hospitable city offers a wide range of historical and cultural attractions, a warm climate practically all year round, and an excellent infrastructure, which makes it an ideal place to stay. The city is popular with water sports enthusiasts. There are a lot of beaches – from crowded to completely deserted. In addition, it is located at the end of the famous Garden Way (in the Western Cape Province), which is also remarkable.

Port Elizabeth is located in the Eastern Cape and is part of the Borough of Nelson Mandela Bay with the towns of Eitenhahe and Despatch.

PE (Port Elizabeth), South Africa’s largest seaport called the “Friendly City” and “Windy City” located along the beautiful coast of Algoa Bay of the Indian Ocean, was founded by British settlers in 1820 and named after the wife of the then governor of Cape Rufain Shaw Donkin.

– George

Sixth oldest city in South Africa, George is above all the first city created by the British. It is one of the most touristic cities in South Africa.

Small in size, George nevertheless has a large number of hotel infrastructures, banks and international brands.

– Zanzibar

The must-see places are different for everyone! A narrow street in Zanzibar’s capital, Stone Town, with the birthplace of Freddie Mercury – is that an attraction? For some, the doors of a house with his photo are a place of worship. And for others; 30 seconds of photo break on a guided city tour. Besides, this is not a joke. The great Freddie was truly born and lived in Stone Town until he was five years old. There’s a little hotel in Freddie’s house today.

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