How to get additionnel baggage on a South African Airways flight?

Any excess baggage you plan to take on a South African Express Airways flight will be taken care of by the airline as soon as you follow the few rules they have in place. If you need to bring a large amount of business on a flight operated by the South African airline, you must first determine how much excess baggage allowance is allowed. This will make it easier for you to know if it will be carried as additional baggage or if you need to hand it over as cargo.

Carrying additional baggage is an offer that South African Express Airways offers to those who need to take with them more bags and suitcases than is allowed in the baggage allowance. Being paid, access to this service requires the passenger concerned to provide an amount determined in advance.

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South African Airways opts for a more traditional baggage policy: only the cheapest ticket prices incur an additional cost when checking in an additional suitcase. This price, which is calculated according to the destination and the date, varies between 15 euros and 30 euros. In the Business and Premium options, the cost of checking in an additional suitcase in addition to the handbag is included in the ticket.
In the event that one of the suitcases exceeds the maximum weight established by the company, a supplement will be paid.


Additional baggage rate (per item)

South Africa (domestic flights)

ZAR 393.42 (Business class) / ZAR 292.55 (Economy class)

From and to New York and Washington and African countries (Via Johannesburg)

200 USD
From and to the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska) and Africa

250 USD

On flights between Africa and Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico

400 USD (350 USD to Dakar)

Each passenger is entitled to carry a maximum of 10 pieces of baggage on flights operated by South African Airways

Passengers whose overall baggage volume exceeds the maximum authorized volume may be subject to an increase in costs caused by this excess, without however being able to benefit from a reduction in the corresponding costs on their flight.

As for what happens when you exceed the maximum size allowed, it varies from airline to airline. Some airlines including South African Airways will charge additional fees, while others may simply deny you boarding. There is no universal standard. It depends on how much space the plane has and whether there are other passengers who want to occupy more space than expected.

Sometimes it happens that you make more purchases than you planned at the beginning and you find yourself having to carry an extra suitcase.

South African Airways offers bargain prices for excess baggage. You only need to pay the additional costs, and then you can travel in peace.

How to do it?

If your suitcase is crowded and exceeds the weight allowed in your suitcase, you can check in your excess baggage for an additional fee.

Procedures to follow to travel legally with additional baggage?

The passenger can extra kilos online to benefit from the discounts on the fares. To do this, he must:

– Go to the airline’s website, to the Manage Reservation area.

– Enter your contact details, flight number, destination, dates and payment information.

– Receive your ticket by email.

– Print it out and present it at the check-in desk.

You can check in your excess baggage online up to four hours before your flight departs.
Alternatively, you can present your baggage directly at the airport check-in counter for an additional charge.

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