Lifetime Platinum (Voyager): A card with genuine benefits and privileges

South African Airways airline offers its loyalty program which has excellent features that make it an excellent program.

You can use your miles to book award tickets and fly for free in economy or business class.

To go from Silver status to Gold status, you need 60,000 miles and to upgrade to Platinium status, you need 120,000 miles. Finally to reach Lifetime Platinum status, you must maintain Platinum status for 72 consecutive months ( 6 years). To maintain your privileged status, you must also keep the miles for the same period of validity of 12 months from the upgrade, otherwise you will be downgraded to the previous status.

South African Airways offers you another choice to keep this status and always have access to its exclusive advantages. You will still be a Platinum Lifetime Cardholder if you can accumulate 720,000 miles in four years, or in six years if you have Platinum status, and for that you must earn a minimum of 120,000 miles each year.

The miles you have earned do not expire until you can cover at least six thousand miles with South African Airways, or two miles miles before its Mango affiliate. You also keep your miles for an unlimited period of time if you manage to spend RAND 300,000 with the credit card provided by SAA or with its traveller’s checks during the twelve months of the calendar year.

This status has its own advantages:

– By reaching this status, you receive 15,000 miles in your membership account
You receive 2,000 miles for every 24,000 km you drive with SAA or Mango.

– You benefit from 100% of the bonus miles offered to passengers traveling with SAA

– You have 1st degree priority on the waiting list

– You can access the Premium lounge of the South African company with three people of your choice

– You will be the first to go through security at the airport and you will quickly collect your luggage on arrival

– You have the option of carrying two additional pieces of luggage weighing 32kg each free of charge, even if you are flying in economy class.

– You can choose a person (your companion during the flights) who is offered a gold card with access to all its benefits for a calendar year.

– You enjoy all of these benefits and privileges granted exclusively to Lifetime Platinum Members when traveling with South African Airways, Mango or Star Alliance carriers.

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