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Kulula Holidays offers a wide range of vacation packages including flights, car rental and accommodation in sun destinations in South Africa and various corners of the African continent.

Book your holiday package online in three clicks. In the search fields, enter the name of the airport of departure, arrival and the start and end of stay. Remember to specify the number of people staying with you and the number of hotel rooms / bedrooms you are staying in on your future vacation.

The vacation packages offered by Kulula consist of flights, car rental and accommodation. All of this is included in the price of the package. There are also a lot of other things included such as transfers, airport transfers and transfers, guided tours and much more. The vacation packages offered by the South African company are a great way to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Kulula vacation packages can be booked online with live inventory and availability. In partnership with some of South Africa’s most popular hotels, the South African carrier offers great rates for booking airline tickets and car rentals in addition to hotel rooms.

Kulula is spreading its wings to Mauritius and other heavenly destinations from South Africa. For affordable weekends and more, Kulula Holidays is your best choice for your vacation types in and outside South Africa.

Discover the best cities of South Africa and other paradisiacal destinations offered by Kulula Holidays:

– Cape Town

Cape Town, named after the Cape of Good Hope, located about 50 kilometers to the south, is not only the southernmost city on the African continent, but also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Parliamentary capital of South Africa, the city, accessible by air from most of the international airports, can be visited all year round, even in the hot and dry summer, which falls in the heart of our continental winter and which remains the most pleasant period to make the most of what it has to offer.

– Durban

Durban is a port city. It was born from its port and a significant part of its current economic activity is based on its location as a crossroads.

The site of the city is that of a natural harbor, the Bay of Natal, fitted out to meet economic imperatives. It is a natural shelter, the only one on the entire south-eastern coast of the continent, between Cape Town and Maputo, protected by the sandy points of Bluff (to the south) and Point (to the north). The entrance to the bay is narrow, which poses significant current access problems: only one vessel at a time can enter or leave the port. The bay is fed by small coastal rivers which cause significant alluvialization and require bottom and entry dredging operations for it to be accessible to ocean-going vessels.

As much as its remarkable site, the situation of Durban is interesting from several points of view. The city is well located on the maritime routes bypassing Africa by the South, the hub of relations with the Indian Ocean. The Hinterland is also very rich: the mining region of the Witwatersrand, around Johannesburg has been the economic heart of the country for more than a century and acts as a relay to the rest of southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Botswana, etc.) . The immediate hinterland is also very active (industries of Pietermarizburg, in particular aluminum; coal mines of the interior, agricultural productions of the plantations of Natal: sugar cane, fruits, wood).

Durban therefore functions as the gateway to and from an important part of the national economy. The port infrastructures are extended by an important rail and motorway network.

– Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the richest states in Africa, just behind the Seychelles. This country that has erected free education is the African country with the highest literacy rate on the continent.

According to the UN, Port Louis has a population of around 148,150. The capital of Mauritius gathers more than 10% of the total population of the country. Indeed, Mauritius is a state which brings together 1.38 million inhabitants in a territory of 2040 square kilometers.

– Johannesburg

The second most beautiful city in South Africa, Johannesburg is the country’s financial hub. Its agglomeration is one of the largest in the world with nearly ten million inhabitants and is above all one of the six world cities in Africa.

Johannesburg is often mistakenly considered to be the capital of South Africa. Johannesburg, also nicknamed “the city of gold”, is the financial center of the African continent, a western-looking city, glass and metal buildings and a very busy life.

Johannesburg combines culture, shopping and nightlife with outdoor adventures and historic sites. In the city and its surroundings there are numerous museums, caves, natural reserves, villages, gold and diamond mines and the “cradle of humanity” where they discovered the fossils of our first ancestor – Australopithecus.

– Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls naturally formed where the Zambezi River plunges 100m into a narrow gorge, creating a cloud of mist and a roar so impressive that the locals named it Mosi-Oa-Tuna, the smoke that growls.

While the history of the falls does not date back to their discovery by Livingstone, the English explorer is the source of their popularity, which has grown steadily since the late 19th century. After his story crossed borders, the site first attracted traders and then tourists from Europe with the construction of the bridge connecting Zimbabwe to Zambia and the arrival of the railroad. In 1906 the first hotel in the region was established and VicFalls quickly became a must-see tourist site.

Victoria Falls is now a vibrant little town that is fun to visit with its history, markets, quaint restaurants and thrilling activities.

Other destinations offered by Kulula Holidays:  Garden Route, Drakensberg, Kruger Park, Pilanesberg, Welgevonden and Madikwe.

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