Manage My Booking: Change ticket issued by South African Airways?

Have you purchased a South African Airways plane ticket, but have changed your mind or have an event taken place that requires you to change your departure or return date? Find all the information relating to the modification of ticket with the customer service of the South African company. It is also important to let you know that there are tickets that cannot be changed, so check that yours does not fall into this category before applying.

To be able to easily make the necessary changes to your reservation, South African Airways provides you with an online solution for management flight booking.¬†with which you can correct errors on your reservation, change the departure date, …

Are there any conditions for changing the plane ticket?

If you plan to change your ticket before departure, please note that the change is subject to the fare conditions for the ticket. Please check with the customer service of this operator for the conditions that apply to your ticket before making your request.

For those who have a modifiable ticket, they are invited to contact the airline by telephone to make their modification request.

When your South African Airways flight is canceled or when you want to change it, you can choose a new date to travel on the same route, but paying the difference (if it exists and applies), and if your ticket is changeable.

What if a mistake was made in the name when booking the South African Airways ticket?

Errors in the name and surname of the passenger on the ticket issued by the African company are not allowed. In the event of an error, you should contact the South African operator directly to inquire about the possibility of modifying and correcting errors made when booking your flight ticket.

Can you exchange a ticket for a different departure date and time?

Voluntary modification of the date and time of departure is authorized in accordance with the transport rules in force, unless otherwise provided for in the special conditions of application of the price of your initial transport. Please note that some fares cannot be exchanged after flight departure.

Change the destination?

The reissue of a plane ticket to another destination is not prohibited by the rules of the South African Airways Airline, except as otherwise provided by the rules of application of the fare at which your ticket was purchased.

Other cases where the modification of a South African Airways ticket is possible and free online

In the event of a flight cancellation, South Africa’s national carrier offers either postponement or reimbursement of the flights, often in the form of a credit note. Closure of borders at the entrance to the Schengen area and the European Union, suspension of flights, quarantine or compulsory confinement worldwide. In exceptional cases such as the spread of the pandemic, the South African company can put in place exceptional commercial measures for customers wishing to modify or be reimbursed for their plane ticket.

Basically, to change the flight you have to contact the airline. They will reimburse you for a flight you booked less than 24 hours before departure. If you have changed your mind about a reservation, you must call the airline’s head office and request a refund. You can also call customer service to make the necessary changes. Once your ticket is created, you will receive an email with the details of the changes made.

The South African Airways website offers an easy to use booking interface. You can easily find a flight that meets your needs. There is a way to book your ticket online. Simply enter the information you need on your airline’s website and you will be on your way to your destination. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling within the country or abroad, the South African Airways website is the most convenient way to book flights with the South African company, and to change them at any time of the day.

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  1. Wah Fong Leong

    South African Airways online booking is unreliable. I booked my flight tickets through its online booking platform and paid with my debit card on 27 April 2023. This issue was reported to South African Airways customer service and reservation team. No tickets or confirmed booking response was provided after the charge was posted to my bank account confirming payment was made to South African Airways on 30 April 2023. South African Airways reservation team replied that they received my booking attempt but they did not receive my payment. This is ruining my vacation plan.

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