Pregnant woman travel: Deadline and other conditions of Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines allows pregnant women up to 32 weeks to board the plane without medical clearance. After this time there is a high probability of the onset of childbirth, especially with a change in pressure and a stressful situation for the body.

If a woman has a period of up to 32 weeks, has a doctor’s license and feels well, the airline cannot deny her a flight.

Mango Airlines take the flight of pregnant women very seriously, because. The emergencies associated with this situation threaten them with direct losses. Planes regularly make unscheduled landings or return to the airport due to the poor health of the pregnant woman or the onset of premature labor. The company suffers losses due to fuel overruns and staggered schedules, and passengers lose time. In addition, there are cases in world practice when passengers have filed complaints about insufficiently qualified assistance of crew members in the event of premature birth during a flight.

Usually, the carrier’s rules have a separate section on carrying pregnant women. You can read about it on the official website or clarify all questions in the call center of the airline Mango Airlines.

Booking a flight and traveling on a Mango Airlines plane for a woman during her pregnancy?

First of all, a pregnant woman who wants to travel on a flight served by Mango Airlines must book her plane ticket in advance, at least 48 hours before her departure. This category of passengers is not entitled to book their tickets online, but by telephone. They must contact the call center of the South African company which can be reached at:

  • 10100.02 (South Africa)
  • +27.21.815.41.00 (Other countries)

When is the best time to fly with Mango Airlines?

The safest time to fly during pregnancy is the second trimester, ie. period of 14 to 28 weeks.

Features of flight in the first, second and third trimesters

In each trimester there is a time when it is extremely undesirable to steal and favorable periods for flying.

– First trimester

You can safely travel within the first two weeks after conception (you probably still won’t know what your situation is) and at 7-8 weeks. At 3-6 weeks, the internal organs of the unborn child are actively formed, emotional and physical stress is highly undesirable. At 9-12 weeks, it is also better to be careful, theft can lead to miscarriage.

– Second trimester

Although this is the safest time to fly while pregnant, it is best to plan 4-5 months in advance if possible. At 18-22 weeks there is a risk of late miscarriage, travel should be approached with more caution.

– Third trimester

Up to 28 weeks is the best time to fly in the third trimester. After that, you should refrain from flying if possible. And even if the airline is loyal to travelers at a later date, after 36 weeks, it is categorically not recommended to fly.

What documents do you need to fly during pregnancy?

In addition to standard documents (passport, visa, insurance), such a traveler must obtain a doctor’s certificate.

What must the certificate for the flight contain:

  • Indication of gestational age;
  • Description of current state of health;
  • Conclusion on the absence of contraindications to the flight;
  • Dated;
  • Doctor’s signature;

The certificate must be issued on the official letterhead of the medical institution. It is best to receive it as close as possible to the departure date. As a rule, airlines require that a medical certificate be issued no earlier than one week before the start of the trip.

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