Traveling with children/infants on Mango Airlines flights

Mango Airlines accepts boarding of travelers with 7 days or more on the day of departure.

Passengers are considered as children with the possibility of traveling between their parents’ knees, if they have not reached 2 years of age on the day of the flight.

Parents with infants cannot be seated in the emergency rows / seats on Mango flights. Consult Mango’s terms and conditions for the prices applicable to infants.

Infants and babies who have not yet reached the age of two can travel without a reservation however their parents have to pay an estimated fee of R150 when traveling on domestic flights, and R300 when taking a flight to Zanzibar .

If your child needs special / medical assistance, please do not hesitate to inform the South African air operator in advance. Call their customer service at least two days before departure (48 hours) so that Mango Airlines agents have enough time to prepare the special devices and services your child will need during the flight. Call 086 10 10 214 or complete this Medical Assistance and Needs Request Form.

What is the baggage allowance for children traveling with Mango Airlines?

Mango Airlines allows small children under the age of two to travel on the lap of their parents / guardians. A maximum of 10kg is allowed in the cabin for small travelers who do not occupy seats in an airplane.

The airline of South Africa allows each child to board with a car seat on board (measuring 46m wide and 41cm between the armrests).

If your children ever have their own reservations, it is important to note that they cannot occupy the following seats:

Seats 14, 15 and 16 located in the emergency rows / 1CD, 2CD, 31CD and 32CD.

Tips for traveling with children on an airplane

– Book your flight early with Mango Airlines

This will help you avoid delays at the airport and at boarding. In addition, on the first flights, as a rule, there are fewer passengers, which means that there will be more chances that the adjacent seats are free and the child will have a place to move and play.

– Talk to your child

Experience shows that children find it much easier when they know what to expect. You can discuss the whole flight in detail: from baggage check-in and ticket to take-off and meals on board.

– Use multiple layers of clothing

Be prepared for sudden temperature changes during flight. Dress your children in comfortable, loose fitting clothes, preferably without buttons, zippers, or anything that might get in the way of the toilet. The same principle applies to shoes: avoid laces and use velcro whenever possible. It is also an added bonus for a faster security check at airports.

– Prepare surprises

It could be a new toy, a book, a snack – kids love to unwrap things, and a new toy gets more attention.

– Take a compact stroller on the road

If possible, take the smallest stroller possible on the road. If you don’t have one, you can rent one.

Although the stroller can almost always be returned before boarding the plane, the rest of the time it will be with you in a taxi, public transport and hotel. The more compacts the stroller, the more mobile you are.

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