The Kulula boarding pass: how to get it?

The Kulula boarding pass is the passenger’s main document, without it they will not be allowed to board the South African airline plane. Airport security services mark the passage of security control and passports on boarding passes. Airline staff check this document when boarding the aircraft to ensure the passenger is on their flight and to help find a seat on board.

The type of boarding pass depends on how you checked in for the flight: if you checked in for the flight yourself, it can be printed on a home printer in A4 size, if you have received a card boarding at the airport, it will be rectangular in shape.

The boarding pass must contain information about the passenger, the date and time of departure, the flight number, the boarding gate on the aircraft and the seat in the aircraft cabin.

Electronic boarding pass

The Kulula boarding pass can be in electronic form. In case of automatic online check-in, the airline sends an electronic boarding pass to the passenger’s mail (PDF). You can print it at home or in the office, at check-in counters or at airport check-in terminals.

How to get your boarding pass

You can get your boarding pass in advance yourself or at the check-in desk at the airport. To get boarding yourself, you must first check in online on the airline’s website. Passengers are always recommended to check-in online on their own, as they can choose the most convenient seats on the plane and save time at the airport.

Do you have to print your boarding pass during online check-in?

There is no requirement for the passenger to print the boarding pass. If you checked in online, you can print your boarding pass yourself or do it with the help of airline staff at the airport check-in counter.

From certain airports served by Kulula you must have a printed boarding pass. This is due to the demands of airport security services, which put check marks on boarding passes. Therefore, without this paper document, you will simply not be allowed to go through security before boarding.

At large foreign airports, after online check-in, you do not need to print your boarding pass.

How to print your boarding pass

After completing online check-in on the airline’s website, you will be prompted to print your boarding pass and send it to your email address. Usually, a copy of your boarding pass will be sent to you by post.

If you haven’t accidentally received or deleted the letter from the airline with the check-in data, don’t worry, the airline has your data in the system. You can call the airline to check if you entered your email address correctly or resend your boarding pass.

You can print the landing on plain A4 paper, you don’t need to cut it with shaped scissors.

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