Mango Airlines: Dangerous objects, prohibited on hand baggage and in the hold

Flights without baggage have many advantages. Traveling light you save time as there is no longer a need to stand in line to check in your luggage, and after arrival spend minutes and hours searching for luggage tape and your suitcase among a large number. other bags. By traveling with hand luggage, you save a lot of money on tickets. Finally, it’s safer to travel without luggage – you don’t have to worry about your suitcase getting damaged while loading or flying to the wrong place by mistake.

Usually, travel accessories, the dimensions of which do not exceed 55 × 40 × 20 cm and weighing up to 7 kg are allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

Despite its small size, this bag has enough space for the most essential items. If you pack everything correctly, the bag will fit several t-shirts, a sweater, jeans or skirt, comfortable shoes, a travel makeup bag, and a few other essentials.

Before the flight, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the carry-on baggage rules of a particular air carrier. And also find out what you can take in your hand luggage, and check if you have put any prohibited items in your bag or backpack.

Transporting equipment and gadgets?


Hand Baggage

Checked Baggage

Photo and video equipment, small digital equipment, devices and gadgets, charging



Monopod, selfie stick

Allowed (and sometimes not) Yes
Electric toothbrush Yes



Cannot be carried in hand luggage due to the presence of sharp parts in the device



It is possible to transport products whose dimensions meet the standards of hand baggage


Iron and curling iron, hair dryer



Electronic cigarette

You can carrier it, but smoking is not allowed in flight. People smoke in designated areas at the airport



How to carry medicines in your luggage?

There are no special requirements for transporting drugs in solid form (unless their import into the country is prohibited). As for medicines in liquid form (drops, syrups, etc.), they cannot be transported in a suitcase on board an airplane if they are not in bottles of one hundred grams. An exception is drugs that are vital for a patient, for example, diabetic. They can be transported in any volume, if you have medical confirmation of their need with you, for example a prescription with stamps and signatures.

Medication transport: Is it still allowed? and under what conditions?

Medicines cannot be poured into other containers, only factory packaging is permitted;

Prescription drugs cannot be carried without a prescription;

– If a medicine contains narcotic ingredients, you must have a prescription containing the name of the medicine in Latin;

– You must ensure that the drugs carried are not prohibited in the place where you are going;

– An important question is the number of drugs. Shipping more than 5 pieces of an item is treated as small wholesale.

Transport of weapons and ammunition by air

When transporting weapons, you must:

– Coordinate the issue with the air carrier in advance, clarify packaging issues separately;

– In addition to the usual documents, it is necessary to obtain: a permit to store and carry weapons, as well as to export them from the country (for international air transport); hunting ticket (if the weapon is hunting);

– In order to complete all the necessary procedures, it is best to arrive at the airport well in advance.

The weapon is handed over to airline employees and handed over to the owner upon arrival. As for hand luggage, according to aviation safety standards, not only weapons, but also all stylizations and toys, including a water gun, cannot be carried there.

 Flammable substances and other hazardous substances



Luggage compartment

Spray paint can

No No

Gasoline turbo lighter

No No
Self-defense gas canister No


Lighter gas



Batteries lithium-ion

You can transport devices up to 100 Wh. 100-160 Wh batteries can be carried inside the equipment

Batteries of 100-160 Wh or less can be carried inside the equipment. Devices over 100-160 Wh are generally prohibited.

Disposable lighter

One coin per person is allowed



No No

Fireworks, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic articles



Brakes and other technical fluids




 What to do if you are prohibited from transporting one of your baggage?

There are no uniform rules that would be standard for all air carriers in the world. The list of items that can be taken on the plane in hand luggage and the list of illegal items are different in different states and airlines.

What is the scenario to act if you accidentally find something prohibited for transport? Actions should be determined by the exact stage at which they occurred.

If found in baggage that has not yet been checked in:

  • Pass it on to the person accompanying you;
  • Leave in the car in the parking lot or in the storage room;
  • Cheeky

By post to the desired address If it is found in your luggage after check-in:

  • The item is confiscated;
  • The item will be confiscated, but you can collect it when you return.
  • If the item is found in carry-on baggage, while it is possible to return to the check-in desk:
  • Put it in the luggage compartment;

If found in hand luggage, but it is no longer possible to return to the check-in location:

  • The product is confiscated;
  • Explain to employees that the product has value for you. There is a chance that it will be handed over to the airline, then it will be taken on board and returned to you after landing;
  • Sometimes airline specialists check items such as baggage themselves. You may find a small thing in your bag on the luggage belt in the arrivals hall;
  • The seized item may remain at the airport awaiting your return. It is important to make sure the paper is established on which you can get it.

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  1. Melanie Bruwer

    Good day, I flew on the flight FA278 from Johannesburg to Durban at 19:25 yesterday Evening. Not being a frequent flyer I was not entirely up to date with the luggage requirements and due to having only carry on hand luggage I was unable to get through the check point (check point 1)without having to give in my scissors. Unfortunately it’s not just any scissors but it is the tool of my trade as a hairdresser. I am unsure what becomes of goods that are rejected at the check in point but I am hopeful that there may be slightest chance of somehow getting them back when I return to Johannesburg on 13th August 2023 as they are an integral part of my job with a substantial replacement cost.
    Despite this dilemma I have only praise for the excellent service in flight.
    Kind regards
    Melanie Bruwer

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