Traveling with children on a Kulula flight

Getting ready to take a Kulula flight with your baby or toddler? No need to stress, you just need to organize yourself well. Make sure you educate yourself and prepare to make this trip as enjoyable as possible for you and your child.

Dedicated to the well-being of families traveling on its lines, Kulula has always been committed to providing a fun experience for children while ensuring the peace of mind for their parents.

Until what age does a child fall into the baby category?

At Kulula, a child is considered a baby if it has not yet reached its second birthday, so all children aged two or over must bring their own plane tickets to travel on board. of a flight from the South African company.

When traveling with Kulula, it is possible for one passenger to pick up two infants under the age of two, but the reservation must be made by phone. In this case, one of the babies will occupy an individual seat at the child rate and will be installed in a car seat or with an approved harness.

So be sure to check the conditions that the guide must meet with the South African airline before departure.

What documents do you need to have to travel with a baby?

Visa, ticket, exit authorization,… it is important to get information before traveling and to prepare the necessary documents for your baby. For Kulula flights for example, babies must have a ticket with their name, first name and date of birth.

An authorization to leave the country is required for minors who travel without being accompanied by one of their parents or their legal guardian.

From what age is a child allowed to travel alone on a Kulula flight?

The airline of South Africa allows any passenger aged 12 or over to fly unaccompanied on board its flights. However, it specifies that it does not offer any service for unaccompanied minors.

Baby cradles

Kulula may or may not offer cribs in which a baby weighing 10 kg or less can be placed during the trip. It is necessary to reserve a cradle, as there are usually only three or four per plane. Since the cradles attach to a bulkhead on the plane, parents should also make sure they have a seat in front of a bulkhead. Please contact your airline operator in advance to inquire about the availability of a crib for your child during the flight.

Earaches during the flight, what to do to relieve them?

When the air pressure changes, the eardrum can bulge or contract and cause severe pain, similar to that experienced with otitis media. Earaches are more common in children than in adults.
The most significant pressure changes occur during takeoff and landing. It is therefore at these times that a child is most vulnerable to earaches.

If a child has recurrent ear infections, chronic rhinitis, or nasal obstruction due to an increase in the size of the adenoids, they may have more difficulty balancing the pressure in their ears.
If your child is a baby, breastfeed, bottle or pacifier during take off and landing. Suckling will help him to balance the pressure in his ears.

If your child is older, give him a drink of water. Drinking through a straw or blowing bubbles in a glass with a straw may also reduce his earaches.

Encourage your child to yawn, and pinch their nose and ask them to breathe out slowly, keeping their mouth closed.

Kulula planes can be used by children from infancy to adulthood. All the equipment necessary for the safety of the child is installed on board. Up to 12 years of age, a child may only travel on the liner accompanied by parents or a guardian aged 16 or over, relatives or third parties with a document confirming the consent of the parents or guardian to the flight.

What baggage allowance is granted to your child?

Before you fly with your little child on a Kulula aircraft, you must first find out about its baggage policy which defines the number and weight your little traveler is entitled to during the flight.

In fact, the number of pieces of luggage to be transported on board a cabin / hold of the aircraft depends entirely on the fare chosen by the passenger:

Rate Handbag


Fly Light



Pack & Go



Fully Loaded 2 x 20kg


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