Refund of airline tickets after the cancellation of flights booked with Kulula?

Have you booked a Kulula plane ticket but need to cancel your trip? Did you arrive late for check-in or could not board? Under what conditions can your ticket be refunded and what can you get?

When you want to cancel an airplane trip, the first thing to do is to check the reimbursement conditions of your ticket. These are not fixed by the airline and may therefore vary from ticket to ticket.
A plane ticket can be: refundable, exchangeable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. The Kulula reimbursement conditions define what you will be able to get reimbursed for.

For any refund request, Kulula provides you with an online form to put you in contact with its customer relations department. You also have the option of calling your airline by telephone by dialing:

0861.585.852 (from South Africa)

+ (Other countries)

Airline ticket reissue

Transport documents issued at a group rate, in most cases, cannot be returned or exchanged. Kulula is an airline that allows re-issuance of a ticket with a change of passenger name, with a fine (of R300 per passenger).

How to get reimbursed for airport taxes?

When your ticket cannot be changed or refunded, you can still be reimbursed for certain air taxes. If you cancel your flight for any reason, you can request a refund of the airport tax.

You can request a refund of the tax if you were unable to board the aircraft. You don’t have to justify the cause of your flight cancellation.

The reimbursement of this tax is not linked to the exchangeable or refundable nature of the transport ticket or to the subscription or not of cancellation insurance. You must be reimbursed no later than thirty days after your request.

Refundable taxes

Refundable taxes are the airport tax (letters QW on the ticket) and the passenger charge (letters QX on the ticket).

These taxes correspond to the fees that airlines pay back to airport operators for the people who actually board the plane.

So you can get their refund when you do not board the plane.

Refund conditions for airline tickets issued by Kulula

The reimbursement of these taxes is subject to certain conditions:
you must have purchased your plane ticket from an airline or an intermediary that markets tickets, such as a travel agency; the plane ticket must no longer be valid and must not have been used for a previous flight;
the general conditions of carriage of the airline must inform passengers of the procedures for requesting reimbursement.

The reimbursement request must be made to the company or the intermediary. The refund must be made within 30 days of the date of receipt of your request.

Cancellation and reimbursement insurance for a plane ticket

If you have taken out cancellation insurance or have insurance attached to your bank card, you can be reimbursed for your plane ticket by this card.

However, refunds are subject to many conditions. In particular, you must verify that the reason for your cancellation is one of the reasons for cancellation covered.

In general, cancellation insurance covers the reasons for cancellation such as:

– Accident ;
– Death of a loved one;
– Hospitalization ;
– Redundancy, etc.

You will need to contact your insurer to find out how to request reimbursement.

11 Replies to “Refund of airline tickets after the cancellation of flights booked with Kulula?”


    Dear Team,

    Please process a full refund for the below booking, as the flight is canceled by the airline.



  2. Pravin Parbhoo

    Hi I am trying to get the purchase invoice for my ticket booking reference JKPXGO. Please email

  3. Petra Christine Young

    I am trying to get a refund from my flights cancelled due to the grounding of Kulula.

    Booking reference GLZPGC – Mr K Young
    return Ortia / Cpt


    Booking reference HDQNBI Mr T Young
    return Ortia / CPT


    I would to get a refund for the flight tickets due to the grounding of Comair flights.
    Flight # WFALHM 6th July 2022.
    Flight # MT5342 11th July 2022.
    Total amount = R 1842.80.

  5. Sharron bales

    I am trying to get a refund from my flights cancelled on June 6th – 15th.
    I am with FNB and they said I must lodge with you?
    Can you give me the correct email address for me to send my request.
    Regards Sharron Bales

  6. Johan Boshoff

    I would like to get a refund on my Kulula flight booking due to the Grounding of the Kulula/Comair flights.
    I have a Lodge booking in Mpumalanga for the 15th to the 19th of June 2022 and don’t want to take the risk to hold on hoping your finances will revert back to normal. I had to make another booking with a airline.
    My ticket number is DYDBQJ and amounts to R1450.42
    My banking details are Standard Bank Current
    M J Boshoff account 051985489
    cell no 0828531272
    Trust this is in order for action

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