Mango Airlines: Flight reservation cancellation

A customer who does not check in within the allotted check-in time will be considered a no-show and will lose their seat and the portion of the fare that is allocated to that part of the flight reservation, and Mango Airlines cancel your reservations back.

Mango Airlines will refund the unused, non-refundable portion of the Mango Air Carrier ticket fare for the loss of airline tickets resulting from:

– Prepaid by you;

– For which he is legally responsible;

– Which is not recoverable from any other source

Furthermore, Mango Airlines will not reimburse you for any loss: caused directly or indirectly by government regulations or control.

Other case where you can claim compensation from Mango Airlines

If the trip is canceled due to any of the following events occurring within 30 days of the trip departure date:

– Death or serious injury or serious illness or compulsory quarantine of the insured person, the parent or traveling companion of the insured person;

– If Mango ceases to operate as an airline or if Mango completely suspends flight services for longer more than 14 consecutive days.

Flight cancellation due to passenger

Mango Airlines, allows you to refund money for a flight delayed more than five hours or canceled. However, if it was you who chose to cancel their booking prior to departure for personal reasons, refunds will not be available for all fares. Nevertheless, the South African company helps you modify your reservation by giving you the opportunity to choose another date to use your already reserved ticket, up to two hours before departure.

You must inform the company in advance of the unexpected return of a non-refundable ticket by calling their call center. This only works if the ticket was purchased directly, through the Mango Airlines website or office.

What reasons are not suitable for submitting a non-refundable ticket?

Reasons for not returning a ticket:

– Miss the plane

– A mild cold or other illness that does not interfere with the flight;

– Reluctance to steal;

– Illness of a loved one requiring constant care;

– Other unforeseen situations and problems.

Reimbursement of electronic tickets purchased via the Internet

If multiple tickets are booked, but only one needs to be returned, then complete the ‘disconnect’ procedure before starting the return. Call the Mango Airlines call center and request the cancellation of the reservation. The reservation will be broken down and given a separate number, which will be entered into the reservation field.

Does Mango Airlines reimburse its passengers?

Indeed, no fare provided by this airline includes a refund. However, the passenger has the right to be refunded his money only if the cancellation or the excessive delay recorded on his flight (more than five hours) is due to the airline (and not to his absence for example).

If, after canceling a reservation with the South African airline, you want to know how long it will take for the airline operator to receive a refund, the answer to your question is that the refund will take 7 to 21 days. Reimbursement will be made using the same payment method you used when booking your flight ticket.

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