All about the steps to get the Mango Airlines Boarding Pass

For some, taking a plane is child’s play and does not worry them at all. For others, the event is above all synonymous with questions of all kinds and uncertainties. If you are in the second category, you are probably wondering about the boarding pass and how best to obtain it.
It is advisable to print the boarding pass or make copies even if you have the boarding pass on your mobile.
It can get accidentally erased or misread due to download errors or internet connection issues, not to mention battery drain. Everything is possible at an airport.

If you want to get more copies of the boarding pass or if you lose it, go to the airline’s website or app. These usually include a section to manage your booking where you can pick up the boarding pass and print it out.

To access this feature, and just like checking in online, you will be asked for certain details of your Mango Airlines flight ticket reservation, such as the reservation code or email address used at the time of purchase.

Two ways to get your Mango Airlines boarding pass

If the methods of obtaining can vary according to the chosen airline company, generally there are two ways of obtaining this document:

– At home, online

The airline of South Africa offers travelers to check-in online before departure. This action can even be carried out up to thirty days before the latter. To do this, it obviously communicates all the procedures to be carried out online. These are rather simple since, as a rule, it is a question of connecting to the company’s website with its reservation references. Secondly, travelers are generally strongly encouraged to print their boarding pass and have it with them on D-Day.

– At the airport on the day of departure

You can also obtain your boarding pass at the airport on D-day. Depending on the case, it can be given to you:

– At a check-in machine

Automation of services is required, more and more airports have automatic kiosks. These allow you to check in but also to print your boarding pass in a simple and immediate way. To use this terminal, all you need to do is provide your electronic ticket number and / or your reservation number. The most modern of them will be able to identify you by scanning your passport.

– At the counter

In this case, a Mango Airlines agent will give it to you when you check in your baggage. To do this, all you need to do is show them your electronic ticket, along with your identity document and your reservation number. The agent will then take care of the labeling of your luggage and print the boarding pass that he will give you later. You will then be ready to board the device.

Final boarding time on Fly Mango flights

It is important to know the final boarding time on Mango Airlines planes. The latter allows its travelers to board up to 30 minutes before departure, beyond that, no passenger can board, and the reservation will be systematically canceled.

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