Pets allowed on Kulula planes

Have you decided to go on vacation with your favorite dog? Here’s how to best prepare for the delicate moment of air travel with Kulula airline.

Indeed, the South African company cooperates with BidAir Cargo PetLounge, the special of animal transport by air, just to offer passengers and their four-legged friends the attention and care necessary to travel hassle-free on board its. planes.

When to book a ticket for your pet?

Depending on your animal, its size, but also the airline, the duration of the flight or the country of stopover and destination, the rules are as complicated as they are changing. A watchword, therefore: anticipate the trip as much as possible. First, by warning as early as possible, when purchasing the ticket, the company that will transport you, the places for animals on board being limited. Then, by consulting your veterinarian who will prescribe, if necessary, a suitable sedative. Finally, at the time of online check-in, calling the company back to confirm your pet’s trip and to know the procedure to follow for boarding.

How is it when boarding a pet on a BidAir Cargo PetLounge aircraft?

For passengers traveling with their pets by plane, they must arrive at the boarding area early: 2 hours before the departure of a domestic flight and 3 hours before the departure of a regional or international flight.

It should also be remembered that the animal must be vaccinated fourteen days in advance and cannot travel until the fifteenth day from the date of its vaccination.

Other than service dogs, Kulula does not accept any other animals on board its cabins. These must be checked in before boarding. All other animals will be transported for freight, or taken care of by the freight department.

Which animals can travel in the cabin? In the hold? In freight?

Some companies do not accept any animals on board except for assistance dogs. This is for example the case of Kulula Airlines. Your animal must travel in the hold, in a cage approved by the International Air Transport Association (Iata). If your animal is not authorized to travel in the cabin or in the hold, you will still have the freight transport solution.

What pets are prohibited by Kulula?

Due to respiratory problems, dogs and cats with snub noses are very rarely accepted on board airplanes (this is the case of pugs, boxers, bulldogs, Shih Tsu). The same goes for Persian, British or European Shorthair cats, but also, for another reason, category 1 and 2 dogs (“attack” and “guard or defense” dogs).

Puppies and unweaned kittens are also prohibited on planes. What about all other types of pets, from hamsters and ferrets to reptiles and birds? Only one general rule: the air carrier of South Africa reserves the right to make them travel or not.

Which transport box for your animal?

For dogs and cats authorized to travel in the cabin, a carrying bag or a cage may be required within the size limits of cabin baggage.

In the hold, your animal must travel in a box approved by the International Air Transport Association (Iata): size, materials, ventilation, type of closure … In the event of non-compliance with the instructions, your animal may be refused baording.

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