South African Airways: Join its Voyager loyalty program

If you are a frequent traveler on South African Airways, you may have heard of the SAA Voyager loyalty program. This program rewards members with Miles, which can be redeemed for flights, upgrades and other rewards. The program is divided into five levels, each offering exclusive benefits.

To reward its most frequent travelers, the company has set up the “Voyager” loyalty program. The latter allows members to earn miles for each flight made with South African Airways, or for each use of partner services. The more passengers travel, the more they can access the higher statuses of the program, giving access to several privileges such as access to lounges, an additional baggage allowance or even a chauffeur service.

Register and become a member of the Voyager Loyalty Program. For a quick Login to your account, use your traveler number and your PIN code

To earn miles, you must travel on flights operated by South African Airways. You can use your Voyager account number on partner flights to earn miles. To use your Voyager miles, you must have a valid Voyager card. You can earn up to 200 miles for each flight, as long as you’re carrying your Voyager card. You can also earn miles when you use your bank account to make purchases.

The South African Airways Voyager loyalty program offers a variety of rewards. In addition to free flights, you can also earn cabin upgrades, hotel stays, and car rentals. This loyalty program is a great way to take advantage of South Africa’s low cost airlines. If you are a frequent traveler, you should consider joining this program. It’s easy to figure out how to get started.

There are some restrictions on the number of miles you can earn. You can only earn one open jaw per trip, and you are limited to one open jaw every three years. You can also use your miles only for return flights to your home country. In addition, you cannot use your Voyager miles on domestic flights. Only flights operated by operational flight numbers “JJ” are eligible for an upgrade.

The SAA Voyager loyalty program was launched in December 1994. Prior to the launch of the SAA Voyager program, the airline had two separate programs: the Prestige Club for international flights and the Frequent Flyer program for domestic flights. Sixty-five thousand Prestige Club members automatically become Voyager Club members. During this time, it was still possible to join the other partners and earn points.

If you fly regularly with South African Airways, you can earn miles with their partner airlines. As a member, you can use your Voyager account number to earn miles on partner airlines. You can use your account to collect and redeem your miles. You can choose which airline you want to travel on and how far you want to travel. This will help you earn even more miles. This program is a great option for frequent travelers.

Five statuses and five levels to unlock

Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Lifetime Platinium: These cards and statuses allow you to accumulate Miles on each flight made with South Africa Airways, and its partners.
Sign up for the Voyager loyalty program

Apply for and confirm your membership in the South African Airline Rewards Program by completing a Quick Online Registration (!registration.action) where you must complete the following fields :

– Passenger data (Civility, name, first name, etc.)
– Contact details
– Information on the country and nationality of the subscriber

How to get Miles?

There are several ways to earn Miles:

– By taking the plane after joining an airline loyalty program

To do this, you must create an online customer account on the platform of the selected airline. Sign up for your company’s loyalty program. Thus, on each trip made, when you go to the airport check-in for boarding and your ticket – purchased with the correct carrier, has been validated by presenting your frequent flyer card number, you will receive points directly accumulated in the associated account.

By registering in an airline’s loyalty system, you are automatically attached and therefore become a member of the airline alliance. De facto, for each of the flights that you take with the partner airlines of the company you have chosen and / or members of the alliance, you will accumulate Miles. This is the principle of an alliance.

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    On 11/12/2023 the booking counter of Ethiopian Airlines the lady could not enter my voyager miles for the tickets on flight ET858 [JHN to Addis Ababa] and ET935 [from Addis Ababa to Conakry], apparently due to technical error on their side. Was then told to request you to allocate my miles. My booking reference was: ORCIL5

    Your assistance will be much appreciated

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