Buy excess baggage and travel with overweight or oversized Baggage

Among the many questions related to buying airline tickets online, the most common is: what size of suitcase can you check-in and what bag or backpack can you take with me as a handbag.

The cost of plane tickets varies depending on whether the price includes only hand luggage or whether the passenger is allowed to take one or two suitcases with him. When planning a trip, decide what to take with you, check which suitcase it all fits.

Alternatively, you can use a convenient service offered by Mango Airlines: Purchase of excess baggage.

The maximum weight allowance on board flights operated by Mango Airlines (included in their reservation), for baggage going in the hold is 20 kg. Baggage that does not correspond to this allowance will be billed at the current rate per kg in each direction.

In addition, no baggage over 32 kg will be accepted for transport.

Want to take more checked baggage than expected? Mango Airlines gives you the option of checking in extra baggage for a fee. If your baggage is very heavy or bulky, you may need to check it in as cargo.

Carry additional baggage in Mango Airlines hold

There is no weight limit for your checked baggage. After booking your ticket, you can purchase additional checked baggage from your Manage Booking account on The cost of additional baggage when purchased online is:

Type of excess baggage  Online Call Center


(0861 010 1234)

In Airport
Excess baggage per kilogram (domestic flight) R40 N / A R55
Excess baggage per kilogram (Zanzibar) R75 N / A R95
Bike/bicycle transport costs R350 R350 R400
Tandem bike rate R400 R400 R450
Animal treatment fee per kilogram N / A N / A R60


As shown in the table below, the baggage supplement fees offered by Mango Airlines are cheaper online than at the airport. You can therefore buy a surplus online and benefit from a 20% discount on its original price.

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