Add additional baggage to your Kulula flight booking

Excess baggage fees are a real worry for travelers who sometimes find themselves having to pay additional fees even higher than the price of the plane ticket.

Each airline, including Kulula, has its own excess baggage policies as they take into account the passenger’s status (alliance to which they belong), the dimensions of each baggage and the class in which they are traveling.

When the checked baggage or hand baggage exceeds the weight or / and dimensions authorized by Kulula in particular or when you wish to add another baggage at the time of boarding, this is considered as excess baggage and results in the application. a supplement payable by the passenger.

Excess baggage, oversized baggage and overweight baggage will only be accepted for carriage if there is free transport capacity on the aircraft and subject to payment by the passenger for the carriage of such baggage, unless that the carriage of such baggage has not been agreed with the carrier and paid for at the time of booking.

Do you want to add extra baggage? How to do?

To add a piece of luggage to your Kulula ticket booking, you have several options:

– After choosing the flight

Have you chosen a rate without checked baggage? You can always add baggage after choosing the flight. This is possible on the Manage Reservation page.

Note: The addition is done in this case per passenger, so you can choose to add one piece of checked baggage per person or just one for several passengers.

– After your reservation

Kulula airline offers its passengers to add luggage in advance. However, this is only possible before online check-in or at the airport.

Additional baggage is called excess baggage. This category includes those types of baggage that do not include or exceed the free baggage allowance established by the airline.

The transport of heavy baggage and oversized baggage is only carried out after prior agreement with the carrier.

The fares shown are valid for carriage throughout the itinerary if all flights are operated on Kulula flights, with the exception of flights shared with other airlines, where the carrier’s air fares apply. If the carriage is performed on flights of two or more carriers, including flights operated jointly with other airlines, the tariffs of the dominant carrier on the route apply.

By exceeding the free baggage allowance, the passenger must pay an excess (online or at the airport). If the free hand baggage allowance is exceeded, the passenger must check it in as checked baggage in the manner and under the conditions stipulated by the fare application rules. If, following the check-in of hand baggage as separate baggage, the baggage allowance provided for by the rules for applying the fare for which the passenger’s plane ticket was issued is exceeded, it is required to pay for such excess baggage.

Fee for excess baggage to be carried on a Kulula plane?

The South African company does not charge fees according to the weight of additional luggage transported but according to the number of each suitcase. The passenger must pay 330 Rand (19 euros) for each additional piece (suitcase).

Adding extra baggage can be done online, at the airport, or by calling the Kulula call center on 0861.585.852.

Buy an excess baggage online

This allows you to save 20% on excess baggage rates offered at the airport.

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