Mango Airlines supports minor passengers traveling alone unaccompanied on board?

A young person is a child between the age of 11 and under 16 years of age. These guests may travel alone, without anyone 16 years and older as company. Even though a 11-year old child is considered to be an adult, they may not accompany another child older than 2 years but who has not reached the age of 11 years. Young guests may not be seated in emergency rows/seats on Mango flights.

For any reservation of a plane ticket to travel a minor passenger alone on a Mango Airlines flight, you must contact the customer service of the South African company by phone.

Local number:

International number: +27.110.866.100 / +

If it is necessary to send a minor passenger alone, you should know the following rules:

It is necessary to make preparations, which will consist of collecting legal documents, negotiating with the airline and making relevant inquiries for booking a flight ticket.

In most cases, airlines including Mango Airlines do not accompany a minor on connecting flights, ie the flight must be direct.

The South African carrier may charge additional fees for accompanying a minor, which depends on the flight and destination you choose. However, discounts for children and young people are not applied. In other words, you have to pay the cost of two adult tickets.

Parents, guardians or other authorized persons are required to accompany the child until the time of boarding the aircraft, while the airline representative verifies their identification information. Documents confirming the powers of the parents, guardians or other powers of the legal representative must be provided. At the point of arrival, the reception is also checked the authorization to meet the child. Hostesses are required to be at the airport until the child is handed over to them, even in the event of significant flight delays. Make sure the escort and host have a notarized power of attorney if they have no legal rights over the child. Also, the child must have a power of attorney certified by a notary to travel independently.

Write an application for an unaccompanied child

Children under 2 years old are not accepted for transportation unaccompanied by adults.

Until the age of 16, a notarized power of attorney is required – permission to fly alone without the accompaniment of a legal representative, indicating a specific route and date

If you still decide to send your child alone, then make a reservation for him as an adult passenger, contact Mango Airlines customer service and he will help you in the future.

No traveler between the ages of 2 and 12 can fly without being accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over.

Mango Airlines allows two babies to travel without a ticket reservation on each row of seats. In case of twin babies, they must be accompanied by two adult guardians.

If you have plans for your little ones to go to study or have fun abroad, whether in South Africa or another country, one of your many concerns might be seeing your children travel alone by plane.

But, to take the stress out of you a little less, here are the travel tips to make sure your kids can complete their experience without any hassle.

The first point about children traveling alone by plane is to know the essential rules so that they can do so, including:

  • Minimum age to travel: which is 5 years old, so if they are under that age, don’t even consider it, due to obvious safety concerns.
  • In general, on flights with stopovers, they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Like every airline, Mango Airlines has its own policies for minors traveling alone, so check ahead.
  • This way you already have the first step to check your possibilities.

Check your airline’s service for minors. All lines have a service for children traveling alone by plane, but in each it can be different, so please inquire:

  • What type of assistance they offer and whether they include it only during the flight or also to accompany them during stopovers and connections.
  • What documents must be taken, since a signed authorization note must be issued indicating the destination and length of stay.
  • What additional security measures they have, including separate areas and responsible aircraft personnel.
  • What is the price or fees that you will be charged for the service.

And, finally, consider that a responsible adult must pick them up at their destination, as they will not be allowed to leave alone.

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