Sports equipment on board: Kulula’s transport conditions

Sports equipment is carried free of charge or at an additional cost – it depends on the ticket price and the airline’s rules. Many airlines allow the transport of ski equipment as baggage or excess baggage during ski season.

If you want to take skis, snowboards, surfboards, bicycles or other sports equipment on your trip, check the conditions of carriage on the airline’s website beforehand. Contact the carrier hotline to find out if equipment is available on your chosen flight. Please note that airlines may limit the number of sports equipment on board, for example, no more than twenty pairs of skis per flight.

Sports equipment is generally transported in the hold in a bag. The dimensions of the inventory must not exceed the dimensions set by the airline.

If you buy a ticket for Kulula, you can request a sports equipment transport service for you. Contact your air operator at the latest 72 hours before the flight in any way: in your personal account on the site, by telephone 0861.585.852.

Please provide the following information in your appeal:

– Reservation number and order number;

–  Telephone number indicated when ordering;

– Full name of the passenger requiring the service;

– Length, width, height and total weight of the equipment.

It will take the carrier 48 hours to respond to your request. The airline will certainly inform you if it has accepted the transport of your sports equipment.

Carry surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and other sports equipment by plane

Some airlines have seasonal promotions, for example, Kulula allows you to board at no additional cost. in addition to your main baggage.

The airline may limit the number of boards in the bag, the bag’s dimensions and its total weight, check in advance to find out what you can take for free and what you have to pay. Planks over 300 cm are generally not accepted for transport.

For kite equipment, you can buy a cover in the shape of a golf bag. It will fit a lot of everything, and more importantly, many airlines carry golf bags for free, and there is a chance to cheat a bit. And so that the kites take up less space inside, it is convenient to put them in compression bags.

In order for everything to arrive in one piece, the material must be properly packed. Remove all fins and ties from the board, wrap it with bubble wrap, secure the nose and tail with additional layers of foil and cardboard. If you are carrying two boards, place something soft between them or use the standard spacer that is found in many cases.

How do you transport diving equipment on a Kulula plane?

A set of airplane diving equipment usually includes regulator, fins, snorkel, buoyancy control (BCD), wetsuit, empty cylinder with valve removed, cylinder attachment, pressure gauge. All of this can be checked in as checked baggage. You may be required to bring a diving lantern into the lounge, remove the batteries first, and take them separately. Whether you have to pay extra for the transportation of snorkel gear depends on the airline’s rules.

The crossbow is considered sports equipment, not a weapon, and can be carried in aircraft luggage.

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