Follow the status of flights served by South African Airways

You can check the status of a specific flight, other important information defining its status (late or canceled, …) The best way to track the status of your flight is to use our online solution. It will notify you in real time if your flight schedule changes, so you don’t miss anything important.

Want to track the real-time flight status of your flight? Check if your flight has been delayed or canceled and follow it live. See the latest updates on flights, delays, cancellations, schedule changes and more.

Find out about your next flight with South African Airways

Check out what’s going on at your airport and when you can fly. Find out about your next flight from Johannesburg Airport, including departure time, arrival time, airport name, airline name and more.

Flight Tracker is an application that allows users to track their flight and see its current status, for example: when was it scheduled to depart, what is the estimated time of arrival, how long does it take to reach the destination, etc.
Use our online tool which can be used by business travelers as well as ordinary passengers who want to know the current status of a flight served from Johannesburg Airport. It also provides useful information on airlines operating the South African airport including South African Airways.

Note: You will receive email updates regarding any changes to your flight status, cancellations or delays.

Track all international flights departing from the National Airport in the capital of South Africa. You can see the departure and arrival times, the name of the airline and the number of the connection, …

This online flight tracker gives you all the details about your next flight. Not only does it show you the status and status of your flight, it also tells you the estimated time of arrival, gate number and baggage claim number.

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