Comair and Kulula stop their activities

South Africa’s two airlines, Comair and Kulula cannot resume their flights until further notice.

Comair, a subsidiary of British Airways in South Africa, announced the cessation of its flights from Tuesday evening, due to the financial problems it has been facing for several months. The South African carrier confirmed the bad news in a statement where it specified Comair’s need for financial assistance to be able to restart its operations.

The airline owned by British Airlines, the UK’s main carrier, went into receivership two years ago but managed to restart flights from Johannesburg-OR airport after seven months before suspend its connections again without communicating any return date.

Company Managing Director Gleen Orsmond commented, “We deeply regret the inconvenience this suspension will cause our customers. We did everything to avoid it.” British Airways customers will be assisted under the airline’s flexible booking rules. Ticket sales have been suspended with immediate effect.

Once the necessary capital has been received, “the airline will be able to resume its activities”, she continued, ensuring that she had “reason to believe that this financing can be assured”. For its leader, it is a viable business with two “of the best airline brands in the country”.

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