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Do you plan to travel and fly with Kulula? You can hire a car offered by the Europcar Car Rental Agency on arrival and benefit from a tempting discount on all rentals.

The leading car rental brand in Europe and around the world, Europcar is a partner with the airline Kulula.

The partnership between the network specializing in vehicle rental and the South African airline has enabled thousands of customers to rent a Europcar vehicle through Kulula and thus benefit from exclusive rates.

In the years to come, the two companies plan to further improve the value and services they offer to passengers by unveiling new innovations designed to meet more mobility needs.

Rent your car in less than five minutes

Save precious time and save on your car rental costs by renting your car online, directly at

Kulula partners with other car rental companies

In order to make it easy for you to travel through Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa, Kulula Airlines has also partnered with other international car rental companies such as Ready2GO and Tempest Car Hire.

Hire the car that suits you at the best rates with Europcar

At Europcar, official partner of Kulula, you have all kinds of cars and tourist and utility vehicles:

– Compact

A compact car is a type of touring that is distinguished by measures between 4.2 and 4.6 meters in length. They can have two formats (3 or 5 doors), in addition to different types of bodywork.

– Convertible

A convertible car is a vehicle that is distinguished by a passable roof on its body. This way it is made of a malleable material or metal so that it can be stored or put at our convenience.

A convertible can fit two or four seats, but it usually offers two doors (except for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited).

– Economy

The economy car is a type of vehicle that has been designed so that the cost of manufacturing is minimal, and therefore very inexpensive. They are generally compact and semi-compact solutions, with reduced weight but without reducing any of the safety measures.

– Full size

A full-size car is characterized by being a large vehicle. A car model that was born in the United States and that stands out by offering large cars, with sedan and pickup style bodies. One of its most characteristic features is that it has 3 separate volumes – engine, passenger compartment and boot – and four doors.

– Mind Size

A mid-size car, or mid-size, is a class of vehicles that falls between compact cars and full-size cars. Any mid-size car falls under the D-segment of European regulations, distinguishing itself by being a large family car. Here we have the Nissan Qashqai or the Peugeot 3008 as examples.

– Luxury

A luxury car, or luxury car, is distinguished by a more premium body, as well as quality finishes, to set it apart from any of its rivals. The higher ranges of BMW, Mercedes or Audi are clear examples of this.

– Minivan

A minivan is a vehicle that has been designed on the platform of a sedan, but with more space inside. Designed specifically for the city, since its handling does not allow great maneuvers or offer high speeds, it has a geometric design, being not very aerodynamic. But its large interior space is its biggest exponent.

– Premium

A premium car is a type of vehicle that has a certain differentiation, in terms of design or performance, that sets it apart from other models. Obviously, its price is higher, but the improvement in quality is remarkable. They tend to stand out by offering more powerful engines and quality interior finishes.

– Usefulness of sport

A sports utility car, or SUV, is a type of vehicle that combines elements of an all-terrain vehicle and a conventional passenger car. It is the most fashionable segment of motorsport, due to its versatility and interior space.

– Wagon

A wagon, or family car, is a type of vehicle that is distinguished by an interior space equal to that of any other model, but with a larger trunk than usual. Its size is slightly more elongated than that of a sedan, but it starts behind the rear wheel, so the space in the cabin is the same.

Drive your rental vehicle without fear of damage and road incidents

By renting a car from Europcar, the renter is covered by third party liability insurance taken out by the car rental company covering minor damages up to 2500R.

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