Damaged or lost baggage: Claim compensation from Kulula

What compensation can you expect if your luggage is lost when traveling with Kulula? And what must be done to be compensated?

You need to find the Lost & Found counter (baggage tracing service) at the airport, which is usually located in the arrivals area for domestic, regional and international flights. If there is no counter, please contact the representative of the airline operating your flight or an airport employee, who should be in the baggage claim area.

After reporting that you have not collected your baggage, airport staff will ask you to complete a baggage search report.

In the document, indicate the following information: baggage control number, flight number, your full name, country of departure, contact telephone number, residence address or temporary location. Describe in detail the appearance of the luggage (its size, color, presence/absence of wheels, retractable handle, special markings on the suitcase (bag), name of the manufacturer).

The speed and success of his search will depend on how correctly and in detail you describe the baggage.

The act is signed in duplicate – one for you, the second for the airline. And don’t forget to write down all the possible phone numbers to follow up on your research.

File a complaint with Kulula by completing one of these two electronic forms: Domestic Flight, Regional Flight

For reference

The law sets a deadline of 21 days from the date of signature of the act to search for the luggage. However, as a general rule, lost baggage is located within five days.

If you are abroad

To receive compensation for urgent needs (hygiene items, spare clothes), you should contact the representative office of the airline. The payment amount will not exceed $250. You can buy the essentials yourself on the day you lose your luggage and present receipts to prove your expenses.

If the baggage is not found within the time allowed, the airline must admit the fact of the loss or theft and bear the costs.

To do this, you must write a claim in duplicate (in English) asking for compensation. It is necessary to indicate when and where the baggage was lost, details of the baggage receipt and baggage search report, describe in detail its contents and indicate the approximate cost of things.

The cost of the entire contents of the baggage or of a specific item must be confirmed by cash register receipts, if they have been kept. If there are no receipts, you can obtain a certificate of the average value of the items in your baggage. Such a certificate can be issued by the chambers of commerce and industry, the organizations of expertise and evaluation, the store where the articles were purchased.

Copies of the following documents must be attached to the complaint:

– Baggage receipt and plane ticket;
– Act of search of luggage;
– Cash receipts for baggage contents (if applicable).

You can make a claim directly to the office (representative office) of the airline, requiring you to put a delivery mark and the seal of the carrier’s organization on your copy. If you refuse to sign, send another copy by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt and a description of the attachment.

The complaint must be examined by the airline within thirty days.

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