Carry your bike in your luggage according to Kulula’s conditions

So, to spend your holidays actively and with pleasure, to be mobile and independent, have you decided to follow the sunny coast of Cape Town or take a bike ride through Johannesburg, South Africa? Maybe you can even handle the mountains? Then go! After all, with a good bike, one would hardly want to go around the playground behind the house, overcoming curbs and uneven asphalt, …

Recently, active tourism is gaining more and more popularity. Participation in cycling and hiking tours has become a favorite form of leisure for many people. Almost all cyclists have faced the problem of transporting their iron friends.

Kulula airline has its own rules for transporting bicycles on board

If Kulula is the airline you are ticketing for, be aware that refusals to carry sports equipment with this airline are extremely rare, but they are possible.

Saying that you have solved this question (it is possible to travel with a bicycle), then your task is to pack the bicycle and check it in as baggage, trying not to pay too much for being overweight or oversizing .

As a rule, a preliminary baggage examination is carried out at the entrance to the airport, so the bike should be packed even before entering the airport terminal. If an airport employee (an avid cyclist) tries to restrict passage at the airport terminal, then rest assured his actions are illegal representing the perplexity on his face, we go to the station building .

Are there any fees to pay?

Bicycle transport is included in the baggage allowance granted to the passenger, which changes depending on the amount of their plane ticket or even their class of travel. The maximum weight of a bicycle is limited to 20kg, exceeding it the passenger is expected to pay extra luggage, while the maximum weight of a bicycle must not exceed the 32kg mark. Otherwise, the bike will be transported by air freight.
Pack your bike

– In a hard plastic case

If the main task is to protect your bike from the vicissitudes of fate, then this method is for you. Not only should the bike be dismantled as much as possible under the trunk, you should remove not only the pedals and two wheels, but also the seat post and the handlebars.

– In a cardboard box

A cardboard bicycle box is a lighter option. With this option, only the front wheel is removed, in some places foam rubber is installed. This box is easy to find in the bicycle store.

– In a soft case

This is the easiest option in every way. A unicycle cover is used when packing in which only the front wheel is removed from the bicycle. The steering wheel turns to the left and is attached to the top tube. The front wheel is “placed” between them. Beforehand, thermal insulation can be put on the pipes, thick hollow pipes made of expanded polyurethane foam. A special spacer is placed in the front fork. The pedals are removed, the saddle goes down to a minimum. It is advisable to unscrew the rear derailleur.

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