Choose and select your preferred seat aboard a Kulula flight, online

Kulula allows you to find the best seat for each of its flights, at the time of booking. When booking a plane ticket on, the user can first identify the device deployed on his link. Then he will be able to visualize a color map of the seating positions that highlights the best and worst options on board. Ideal when you are hesitating between choosing several seats.

In order to choose your seat on a Kulula-operated flight, please log into your Manage My Booking passenger account, then add the seat that suits you in one click. Charges may be applied depending on the chair chosen.

The best seats on a Kulula plane: How to choose a good location?

For those who fly often, this factor is fundamental, because sitting, for example, in the middle row, huddled on both sides by “moderately well-nourished” fellow travelers is not very pleasant. Or “go” to the last row, where there may not be a window and the chairs do not tilt, and the area with the toilets (constant movement and other inconveniences) is not conducive to comfort.

So, to have a good time “at altitude”, you have to know where the best seats are on the plane.
If you know the airline and the exact model of the liner you will be flying on, take a look at the “Best Seats on the Plane” section with diagrams and seat maps on their website.

– Window seat

If you plan on sleeping or, say, reading, for which you need good lighting, a chair by the window is the best option.

Firstly, no one will “sneak” into your seat and disturb you, and secondly, the magnificent view of the clouds and their bizarre shapes will not let you get bored in the event of a short flight.

– Aisle side seat

It is extremely convenient to be able to stretch your legs in the aisle, to get up safely, to go to the bathroom, and also to have time to get out a little earlier after the plane has landed.

– Seats “in the middle” – neutral places

They are “neutral” places. Combines the pros and cons of porthole chairs and aisle chairs. It’s quieter here than in the aisle and easier to get up than from the chair by the window.

But all the same, you will have to let a neighbor pass if he wants to go out. And ask another neighbor to stand up if you want to go out.

– Places located after the emergency exits

Characterized by the fact that the distance to the next row is slightly increased, which allows you to pass the flight time with great comfort – stretch your legs, get up if necessary, without disturbing your neighbors. Some types of aircraft do not have a row of seats in front of the emergency exit / hatch seats at all.

– Places located in front of the emergency hatches

Here, usually, only the minuses – most often the backrests of the chairs in these rows are fixed or have a very small angle of deflection. This is done so as not to block the approaches to the escape hatches.

The row located in the section between the two emergency exits has a plus. In this case, there will be an additional space in front of you.

– Seats in the front of the cabin

Most often, catering starts at the ‘nose’, so the front rows offer convenience and a wide variety of food and drink options.

As a rule, if the seat is in the rear part of the aircraft, the passenger is limited in the choice of the assortment (everything is disassembled at the very beginning). Plus, the front row is a great opportunity to be one of the first to come down the ranks.

– Rear seats

The only, but not insignificant plus of this place is its relative safety. According to US statistics, of all the passengers who survived the crashes, 67% were seated in the queue.

And if the airport is not equipped with telescopic ladders, it happens that passengers are released / launched simultaneously by the bow and tail. If so, you will get off the plane faster.
It should also be noted that on “unloaded” flights, the seats in the queue are generally empty. So you can comfortably sleep on three chairs at the same time.

            – First row / Row in front of which there are no seats

If your row is the first (it can be not only the “first row” physically, but also the first row, after another class of service, or the first row in one of the sections of the cabin, in front of which is no seat), then an important advantage of this arrangement is that no one will tip the back of their seat back to you. With a small space between the rows of economy class, it can be very large.

Of the downsides, it should be noted that you will most likely have a partition or a kitchen / toilet in front of you. Some passengers are not very comfortable looking at the “wall” during the entire flight. In addition, in the wall there may be racks for children’s cradles. What it is responsible for.

          – Last row / row behind which there are no seats

Most likely, the backrests of chairs in such a row do not tilt or are very limited.

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