Check-in on Mango Airlines flights, online and at the airport

An easy process for the most organized travelers can become complicated for those who wait until the last minute. Obtaining the boarding pass requires knowing the airline regulations and collecting certain data from the flight reservation. Not knowing when to check-in online or handling it incorrectly can give you problems when you arrive at the baggage check-in counter, security check or the boarding gate.

Online check-in is a convenient service. Today, fewer and fewer passengers carry their boarding passes printed on paper. If you are here, it’s because you want to know everything about checking in for your next flight with Mango Airlines.

Online check-in for Mango Airlines flight

With most airlines, online check-in allows you to take your boarding pass to your mobile without having to print a paper ticket. This way, your passage through the airport will be more agile.

The boarding pass is a document that must be presented several times at the airport, i.e. at the baggage check-in counters, security checks and boarding gates to access the aircraft. The boarding pass has a QR code which must be validated in the readers available at the various points of the airport. Bring the QR code on your device’s screen to the reader and a sound or light signal will indicate the correct identification of the boarding pass.

Fly Mango passengers should be aware that mobile check-in is not possible for bookings made less than 24 hours before departure. Also, this service is not available on flights taking off from George and Bloemfontein, is also to / from Zanzibar.

How to check-in online?

At most companies, online check-in and getting your boarding pass is quick and easy. Airlines typically facilitate online check-in through their websites or app by requiring traveler’s information such as booking code or locator, email address, origin or destination airports and locations.

– Information on the identity document or passport

This data can be found in the confirmation email or text message you received when booking your flight. Depending on the airline, you may choose a seat or a seat will be assigned to you at random.

Check that your surname, first name and other information on the DNI or passport are accurate as they appear in these documents, confirm online check-in and you will receive the boarding pass directly in mobile format (It is recommended to take a screenshot and keep it in your gallery or by text or email. The online check-in solution also allows you to download a PDF (containing the boarding pass) ready to print.

When to check-in online on Mango Airlines flight?

Passengers rarely arrive at security or the boarding gate without checking in online, but there are. Airlines that offer this service like Mango Airlines usually allow online check-in up to a few hours before flight departure. If you arrive at the airport on short notice to check in, and depending on the airline, you will need to pay the fee if they need to print your boarding pass at the airline counter.

As for the date from which you can check in online, Mango Airlines allows you to do so when booking your trip if you choose a seat or, failing that, several days before your flight departs.

The South African airline allows its passengers to check in their flight online between 24 hours and 2 hours before departure.

Mango Airlines offers you to check-in from the self-service kiosks

Mango Airlines is setting up a self-service check-in kiosk at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, which saves time for passenger check-in.

This service facilitates the check-in of passengers before their departure. The terminal allows travelers to choose their seat and go directly to the boarding area. For those who have checked baggage, it will only be necessary to drop them off at the counter of the South African company, provided for this purpose.

Regular check-in at the airport

We all know it, an operation that takes place in front of the boarding counters where the passenger must provide his plane ticket and his passport to the Mango Airlines agent so that the latter can accomplish the task and issue him the flight card access on board.

The service is available from 2 hours to 40 minutes before the flight time.

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