Mango Airlines for flights at special fares for Business Travelers

Mango recognizes that companies, where possible, try to reduce their travel expenses. However, these same companies would still like to retain the ability to change flight details without having a significant impact on their costs. To meet these needs, Mango Airlines has developed an online travel management system offering various corporate benefits that make traveling on its aircraft a smart option.

Remember that when you buy a Mango Plus flight, you have the freedom to change your flight as many times as necessary without penalty charges. Choose your dates above and click submits to book these great deals.

Fare differences on Friday and Sunday Mango Plus premium fares and routes are chargeable.

Mango understands that for business travelers, time is money. And to make sure you get the most out of your time, we’re the first airline in South Africa to offer onboard WiFi on most domestic flights. Customers can now check their emails, browse their social media pages or access the internet from 30,000 feet. Everything is possible with Mango and G-Connect!

So why not create your travel management account today?

– Configure your Travel Management account

Do your employees travel regularly for business and you would like a system that makes organizing travel simple, easy and fast?

If you answered yes, contact Mango to discuss setting up a corporate travel account TMS for you. It takes less than 24 hours for your business account to be set up and activated. The added benefit of your Travel Management account is that Mango arranges travel discounts and calculates flat rates based on the volume of travel your company makes.

Onboard internet coupons are available from just R50. Using our onboard Wi-Fi, business travelers can complete up to 4 hours of work per round trip. This allows for more free time and relaxation after the flight has landed.

For all business travel reservations, do not hesitate to send your request to

Rates and costs of services provided to passengers choosing the Mango Airlines Business Travel offer

  • Compensation for flight delay of four hours: R3000
  • Lost baggage: R10,000 (R500 in case of loss or damage to sports equipment for each item)
  • Luggage delivery delay: R1500
  • Suffer an accident on board a Mango Airlines plane: R15,000 (R200 per day in case of injury and hospitalization)

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