How much liquid can you carry in hand baggage on Mango Airlines flights?

Liquids (including creams and gels) may only be transported in accordance with the following requirements:

– The volume of containers with liquids should not exceed 100 ml. (that is, even if the liquid itself is only 50 ml, the container it is in should not hold more than 100 ml. To avoid controversial situations with the service of safety, it is recommended to use liquid containers (tubes, jars, etc.) indicating their volume).

– All containers should be kept in a clear, resealable plastic bag. Many airlines require the bag to measure approximately 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches). The total capacity must not exceed 1 liter (i.e. you can take 10 bottles of 100ml maximum each in your hand baggage).

– Each passenger is only allowed to carry one of these packages in their hand baggage taken in the cabin of a Mango Airlines aircraft.

The packaging of containers containing liquids must be presented separately at the security checkpoint.

Baby food, which may be needed during the flight, does not need to be placed in plastic packaging, but must be presented to security, be prepared to be invited to open baby cans and taste the contents.

You can carry medication in your hand luggage. But please note that if the medicines contain narcotic substances or in large quantities (several packages of the same medicine), they may require a prescription or a medical certificate.

Items purchased in duty free

When traveling with Mango Airlines within the EU: You can buy liquids (spirits, perfumes, etc.) in Duty Free or on board the planes of all European airlines. The liquids you purchase will be packaged and sealed. If you are traveling with a stopover, sealed liquids should only be opened upon arrival at your final destination.

If your journey begins outside the EU and then you take a connecting flight at an EU airport, you can also carry in your hand baggage liquids and gels purchased in Duty Free outside the EU.

It is convenient to transport personal effects, goods and items by air. Knowing the rules for carrying liquids on the plane is important for a comfortable trip with Mango Airlines.

First of all, it should be noted that it refers to liquids, implicit in the rules for the implementation of passenger air transport. In fact, during the screening of passengers, the security service can detect an “excess” of liquid and require either to leave it at the control counter, or to return it to the storage room or to check it in the baggage.

The category of liquids includes:

  • Bottled drinking water;
  • Fermented milk products of liquid consistency;
  • Food for children;
  • Preserves, honey, caviar;
  • Cosmetics, perfumes, mascara;
  • Solution for contact lenses;
  • Drugs in syrup or suspension;
  • Aerosol deodorants and fixatives;
  • Cosmetic or edible oils.

So how much cash can you take on a plane? It depends on whether the liquid is carried in checked baggage or in the passenger’s hand baggage, which they board directly on the plane.

Carry liquids in hand baggage

Carry-on baggage, such as cargo that a passenger takes on a plane without putting it in the baggage compartment, by most airlines rules, should not exceed 7 kilograms. The main restrictions on the transport of liquid are imposed precisely in the event that it is carried in handbag. This is done in order to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers. This is the answer to the question of why it is impossible to take more liquid on the plane than established by airline rules.

A plastic bag with different liquids is provided to the security service separately from other things

It is important to note that liquids contained in containers larger than 100 ml will not be accepted for transport on board, even if the container is only partially filled. For example, if you are carrying a 200ml tube of toothpaste more than half empty, you will still need to throw the tube away.

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