The different payment options and methods offered by Mango Airlines for booking flights

Mango gladly accepts a number of payment types:

– Credit Cards

Mango accepts Visa, Master, Diners Club and American Express cards.

Please Note: At check-in, the Guest must present both the credit card and valid ID / Drivers Licence or Passport used to make the booking.  Valid form of ID for a child is a birth certificate.

– EDGARS/JET Account Payments

Guests can also pay for their flights using their Edgars card/Jet Cards but a service fee will apply.

At the time of booking, the Guest will be required to provide his or her card number and ID.

This payment option cannot be used if the date of departure is within three (3) days of booking

Please Note: At check-in, the passenger must present both the Edgars/Jet card and the ID / Drivers Licence / Passport used to make the booking.

– FNB – CELL Pay point

What do I need as a customer to use Cell Pay Point? You must be an FNB account holder and be registered for Cell phone Banking with any of the networks (MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or Virgin Mobile).

Registration is quick, easy and free of charge. You have a choice of the following registration channels:

– Go to any FNB ATM (it will take around 60 seconds)

– Go to any FNB branch

If you are an registered FNB Online Banking customer you can register online now.  To register online:

– Select ‘Services’

– Select ‘Cell phone Banking’

– Proceed to register and follow the instructions

– NPAY Payment

South African Banks have prohibited the use of pure debit cards without Pins. This effectively blocks these cards from being used for purchases on the Internet. This product seeks to address allow debit card holders to transact online using public infrastructure

                  – How does it work?

It allows debit cardholders to purchase items on the internet from Npay enabled merchants at publically accessible internet host sites. A POS device is connected to an internet enabled PC. You then browse to an NPay enabled merchant to make a purchase.   At check out, you will be prompted to follow instructions provided on the PC. You will swipe your card through the PED approved POS device, enter your PIN number to conclude the transaction. On conclusion of the sale, a receipt is printed from the POS device and you should keep this, as well as any other merchant generated confirmation as proof of purchase.

                     – Why was the product developed?

The number of debit card holders in South Africa exceeds the number of credit card holders.

                     – What is so unique about Npay?

Besides the fact it is the first product to address the issue on internet stock purchase on all debit cards, its uniqueness lies in the Point of Sale (POS) device used to process transactions.

The device is merchant agnostic so any number of transactions for any number of merchants can be conducted on 1 terminal.  In effect, 1 terminal services multiple merchants.

The pilot host site will be 3@1 internet stores – the identified sites are:

– Maponya Mall

– East Rand Galleria

– Greenstone Shopping Centre

– Clear Water Mall

– Fourways

– N1 City

– Tygervalley

– Hill Crest

                    – What are the benefits to the merchant?

E-Merchants who previously only traded on the internet are now given physical retail footprint.

Debit card holders, who ordinarily can not procure internet stock are now able to purchase online, thereby opening up a new market for the merchants. It is cost effective. Merchants are charged per transaction and / or ad Valorem fee for a retail outlet. If card holders do not transact then the merchant bares no cost. Debit card transactions are PIN driven which reduces fraudulent activity on card thereby reducing chargebacks

                    –  NEDBANK Greenbacks Vouchers

This voucher allows you to pay the cost of booking a plane ticket issued by Mango Airlines. For any reservation using this voucher, contact 011.710.47.10.

If the cost of your reservation exceeds that of the voucher, you can use your credit card to complete the payment of your plane ticket.

If the reservation costs more than the value of the voucher: you will use your credit card to pay the difference.

If the value of the voucher exceeds the cost of the reservation, you will receive a Mango voucher.

AMEX Membership Rewards Vouchers

Redeem your Membership Rewards for a Mango voucher by visiting or calling 0860 555 002 / 011 710 4098. Once you have received your voucher, use that to pay for your Mango booking.

If the booking costs more than the voucher value: you will use your Credit Card to pay the difference. If the voucher value exceeds the cost of the booking, then you will receive a Mango voucher.

Shoprite, checkers and hyper money market kiosk payment

Pay for your booking at any Shoprite, Checkers and Checkers Hyper Money Market kiosk. This payment option cannot be used if the departure date is within three days of booking.

Payment must be made within 48 hours of booking created, if payment is not received within 48 hours after booking has been made, the booking will automatically be cancelled. A new booking will then have to be made.

A service fee will be added per seat allocated when paying at any Shoprite, Checkers and Checkers Hyper Money Market kiosk store. This will only be added when paying the booking and will not be included in the total due when Mango confirmation page is received.

Pay by internet banking – SID

A convenient service that allows you to pay for all your purchases on the website using your online bank account.

SAA Voyager Miles

It’s simple, use your miles from the SAA Voyager loyalty program to pay for your reservation or other services and products marketed by Mango Airlines.

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