Manage and modify your Kulula flight booking online

One of the most common ways to change seats is through your airline’s Kulula Airlines website. You can do it online or call its contact center directly.

When you book your flight with Kulula, you can select your seat up to 24 hours before departure knowing that you can change your choice up to two hours before departure.

On the South African company website, you can find the best deals when you combine flights with hotels and a car rental. You can also search for multiple destinations or even multiple cities, and you can even choose dates. You can also choose your destination city and the number of adults and children you want to take. If you plan to travel in a group, you will save even more money on your Kulula Airlines flight.

How can you verify your flight reservations?

When the ticket has no physical form, the money from the bank card for the purchase has already been debited, and an unsealed letter with incomprehensible symbols has been sent to the email, the tourist can worrying about whether their future flight is really listed.

You can check the reservation details online on the website of these services, entering the name and reservation number obtained from the agent or the airline (depending on where you purchased the ticket).

Checking your reservation on the Kulula airline portal

Kulula offers to verify the reservation of the plane ticket by the reservation number on the official website You must go to the “Online services” page and select “Check reservation”. Then fill in the fields “Reservation code” and “Name in Latin” and click on “Search”.

The booking code (booking code or PNR) is a unique identifier of the buyer, which consists of six, sometimes five, Latin characters (letters and / or numbers).

Modify your reservation until the last moment before departure

The only thing you need to remember is that it is possible to change your flight up to 120 minutes before departure. It costs 300R per passenger. You can rest assured that if you fall ill before your trip, you will receive a full refund of your money. Illnesses and emergencies are the most common reasons for missing a flight.

There are certain conditions to consider before making the switch. As a general rule, you have 24 hours to make the modification. If you are within 24 hours of your flight date, you can make any desired changes for free.

A passenger can check an electronic ticket on the airline website, or by calling his call center. To do this, you will need to provide the data from the receipt of the initial booking.

Indeed, the ticket purchased contains information on the identity of the passenger, the airports of departure, the place, the date and time of departure.

As a general rule, to check the status of a ticket, you may need the following information in its different variations: name, first name, booking number.

Are there any errors in the post?

Kulula airline reserves the right not to allow passengers with documents containing errors to fly. These passengers can make an unused ticket in a general way according to the return rules established by their airline for passengers who voluntarily cancel their flight.

Not everyone trusts the interactive mode to buy anything, the same goes for buying tickets. That the necessary information has been recorded, that the reservation is correct, whether for the right person – all of this worries those who have used this method of acquiring travel documents. So, so that there is no doubt, you can check the ticket booking by last name online.

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