How much baggage for your child on board Mango Airlines flights?

The travel suitcase for children and babies is very useful and practical nomadic equipment for family travel. It serves as extra luggage to store things and as a way to grow your toddler on vacation: he learns to take care of his own clothes, toys and comforter.

And it’s very practical if you’re flying to have extra cabin baggage to put your children’s games and belongings in.

For it to be versatile, it is better for the suitcase to be light while offering a large storage volume.

Mango Airlines offers a 10kg allowance for each baby traveling on their parents’ lap. Children with their own seat reservations benefit from a baggage allowance similar to that of an adult, whether for the handbag or for suitcases going in the hold.

Carry a stroller

For air travel with a stroller, you must follow certain procedures and respect certain conditions. First of all, it is necessary to wrap it entirely in a carrying case so that there are no straps lying around or other parts that could represent a danger.

Strollers must go in the hold due to restrictions on the weight and size of carry-on baggage. For this purpose, they will be checked in like normal baggage and then tagged. Their registration is free if they weigh less than 6 kg. On the other hand, those exceeding the required weight will have to pay for their registration.

It will also be necessary to pack the stroller before sending it to the hold. To do this, it must be ensured that no strap or any other part protrudes from the packaging. A small careless mistake could damage it for the duration of the flight. Once well packaged, it will be deposited with bulky baggage, in other words in the baggage hold.

A first option is to have to push the stroller nearby, in a hold accessible from the inside to facilitate its recovery. Parents can also ask a hostess to pick her up shortly before landing. The other option is to take it as hand luggage instead of the baby’s luggage.

Flying with an infant or with young children has its share of stress. Especially the first time. Will your baby be scared? Will he cry, and bother everyone? Will he have nausea or discomfort? What do you absolutely have to bring in your luggage?

But don’t be afraid, there are several tricks, tools and mechanisms to facilitate not only the flight, but also the entire period before takeoff. All it takes is a little patience, a lot of preparation and maybe a few smart investments too.

Prepare your suitcases intelligently

Of course, you’ll want to pack everything to make sure you don’t miss anything once you get there. It’s not completely twisted, but arguably a bit overzealous. Because beyond space, there is the question of weight: if your suitcase is too heavy, you will be charged for the excess weight.

To avoid this overload, make a list of everything you can find locally. For products, prioritize travel sizes. Take a luggage scale that you will then place in your suitcase, for the return trip, and check that your suitcase respects the regulatory weight. If not, do not make the mistake of emptying it to fill your hand luggage, since you will collapse under the weight once at the airport, with baby in your arms.

Another advice regarding baby-child luggage

We often tend to prepare the suitcase according to the person to whom it belongs, but this is not the most efficient method. Instead, think about the stages of the journey and the different needs. For example, hand luggage must contain games and toys for the plane, spare clothes for each child, a blanket and a stuffed animal, electronic devices or any other devices ensuring your comfort in flight. Exit the shoes and the make-up bag.

Streamline the number of bags

It is often only once at the airport, when you unload all your gear from the car, that you realize how loaded you are. After you have checked in your luggage, you will still have the stroller, your carry-on luggage, the baby’s diaper bag and your handbag.

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