Check-in for a flight Online: Kulula implements several methods

Kulula Airline passengers can check-in online at a convenient time from anywhere with internet access. Aeroflot begins online check-in 1 day (24 hours) and ends 60 minutes (1 hour) before departure. Check-in a minute online.

The advantage of online check-in is that you can independently choose a suitable seat in the cabin and print your boarding pass. If you are traveling light without checked baggage, you do not have to go to the airport check-in counters.

How do you check-in online for a Kulula flight?

You can check-in online through the airline’s Kulula website, the carrier’s mobile app, or third-party services that check-in a passenger for a paid flight. These services offer to select seats on the aircraft at an additional cost.

You can check-in for a flight using a computer on the carrier’s website or a mobile device through the Kulula mobile app.

On the official website of the South African company, in the “Web check-in” section, you must enter the ticket reservation code and the passenger’s last name in Latin. Choose the seat that suits you in the cabin and print your boarding pass.

In the absence of a printer, the boarding pass can be printed at the airport: either independently in special automatic check-in kiosks, or in a traditional way with the help of Kulula employees at the counters of registration.

If you have successfully checked in online, you have a boarding pass and baggage in hand, then at the airport, go to the DROP OFF counters. They are intended for customers who are already check-in, there are usually small queues for them.

Restrictions for online check-in on

Some passengers can only check-in for an Aeroflot flight at the airport; online check-in is not offered to them:

– Passengers with pets.
– Disabled passengers.
– Unaccompanied children.
– Passengers on codeshare flights and charters.

If the flight is operated from Oliver Reginald Tambo International Airport, the hub of the South African airline, passengers can use the online check-in service. The possibility of checking in via the internet from foreign airports depends on whether or not they have a special Kulula check-in system.

Passengers can try to check-in online, if not, they can contact the airline to accomplish this procedure.

Mobile check-in

Kulula provides its travelers with a mobile application to help them choose their seat on the plane and check-in.

Available in the Apple Store and Play Store, the South African airline offers its customers check-in via their mobile phone.

Passengers can check-in on their mobile, along with anyone accompanying them, and then choose to receive their boarding passes by email. Finally, they also have the option of choosing their seat on the aircraft on a virtual cabin map.

Airport check-in

If you were unsuccessful in checking in online, you can do this at the airport. Please note that check-in for this airline’s flights ends 1:30 or 2 hours before departure, boarding begins 40 minutes and ends 20 minutes before take-off.

Please note that Kulula is very strict about arriving late passengers. Even with slight delays, boarding is denied after the check-in deadline expires.

Passengers traveling only with hand baggage and without checked baggage, and who have printed their boarding pass themselves, at airports should not go to the check-in counter, but go directly to security and at passport control.

– Self-service baggage check-in kiosks

Kulula offers its passengers the opportunity to check their baggage themselves at OR Tambo airport through special kiosks.

Passengers who have checked in online for the flight and received boarding passes, upon arrival at the airport, can send their baggage to the baggage system at the air port themselves. To do this, they must go to the self-service baggage check-in counter and follow the instructions displayed on the kiosk screen. Namely, the passenger will have to scan his boarding pass, weigh the luggage, print the label, stick it on the suitcase and put it on the tape.

– Check-in of passengers with reduced mobility

They must check in 1 hour 30 minutes before a domestic flight departs, and 3 hours if traveling on an international route.

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