Select your seat when booking your Mango Airlines flight online

When a flight to another city or country is on the nose, there are a lot of pleasant and exciting chores. It’s about picking up a suitcase and planning your time in a new place. However, many are also worried about how the theft itself will turn out. Some prefer to sleep the entire flight, while others prefer to look out the window. But to make a trip, you have to know how to reserve a seat on the plane to be sure you can fly exactly where you want.

Previously, before the active development of electronic technologies, passengers always had to be content with the airplane seat offered to them when checking in at the airport itself. And it was a lottery; a seat could be given at least in the line, at least at the start of the plane, by the window or by the aisle. Now, luckily, you can choose a seat yourself by simply using the online check-in for your Mango Airlines flight.

When purchasing a plane ticket or when checking in for a flight online or at the airport, if you do not choose a seat, you will be assigned randomly.

When you head to its website to make a flight reservation, Mango Airlines gives you the ability to view the best seats on your flight. All you have to do is enter the required data in the reservation field, the flight number and its date, and the site will display the seat map in your cabin.  Choose and select your seat online on this page.

The most comfortable places on board a Mango Airlines aircraft are considered:

– More legroom in the first row of the plane, in the first half of the living room, drinks and food are served earlier, you can quickly sit down and go out after landing;

– The emergency exit also has more legroom, near the window you can try to sleep with your pillow against the glass;

– In the aisle, no need to ask your neighbor to get up to use the bathroom;

– It is usually uncomfortable to sit in the middle. But if the flight is short, then it is quite tolerable.

Where is the most convenient place to fly?

You can choose a seat when checking in online or at the automatic check-in machine at the airport, or online at the South African airline’s website where you will see a diagram of the aircraft.

If you are traveling together, choose the seats near the window and the aisle, leaving free space between them:

– It is possible that no one will book it, and you may be flying without a neighbor – you can lift the armrests and sit more comfortably. And if another passenger still sits next to you, ask them to change and sit next to you.

– If you don’t like your seat and there are empty seats on the plane, you can ask the flight attendant to change seats. Not all airlines allow it.

– You can only choose a place among those which are still free. If you take advantage of the possibility of choosing a place in advance, as soon as registration opens, you can choose the place you like the most, taking into account your wishes and preferences.

Selection of seats at the airport

In fact, you can also choose and select a seat during check-in in the traditional way, at the airport. All you need to do is arrive at the airport at the very start of check-in and present yourself at the boarding pass counter as soon as possible. Then it is possible to negotiate with the staff to organize the most convenient place. Less often, but nonetheless, the clerks themselves may wonder where the passenger would be more comfortable to sit. But since many are now registering online, the number of seats to choose from is drastically reduced at this point.

If a person is flying alone, then it will be easier to choose a seat. If a family or a group of friends are flying, then it becomes more difficult to choose the most practical seats. It is better to hurry with the choice; otherwise all convenient places will be dismantled.

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