Mango Airlines’ allowance for the carriage of hand and checked baggage on board its flights

The size of cabin baggage is an important factor to consider when planning a trip with Mango Airlines. A small handbag and a large suitcase will not be welcomed on board in the same way by the South African airline, and each passenger must therefore comply with the regulations imposed in terms of size or maximum weight to avoid any disputes. and the relegation of baggage to the hold of the aircraft.

How do you know if your carry-on bag isn’t overweight, and what are the tips for carrying an extra item during the flight without breaking the rules? To do this, you must find out about the baggage allowance included in your plane ticket.

Carry-on baggage on board Mango Airlines flights

A standard regarding the maximum size and weight of cabin baggage has been introduced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). However, it is only indicative for each airline including Fly Mango, which remains free to set its own limit depending in particular on the constraints specific to each aircraft.

– What is the maximum size of cabin baggage

In particular, in order to protect the right of each passenger to travel with hand luggage of sufficient capacity, the South African carrier has issued an indicative rule in terms of maximum size. In the cabin, the suitcase carried by the passenger should in principle not exceed:

– A length of 56 centimeters;

– A width of 36 centimeters;

– A depth of 23 centimeters.

A variant of this recommendation is to tolerate a maximum dimension of 115 centimeters cumulatively, that is to say by adding the length, width and depth. Furthermore, this indicative size of the suitcase in the cabin must take into account all the accessories and characteristics of the object, including in particular its wheels, its handle or its external storage pockets.

– Maximum cabin baggage weight

Mango Airlines also defines to its passengers, again purely for information, a maximum authorized weight for the hand luggage of each passenger on board the aircraft. It amounts to seven kilograms (7KG), a reasonable maximum weight given the dimensions imposed elsewhere for the suitcase.

– Items to be carried in the handbag only

  • Lighter / match
  • Electronic cigarette or similar product
  • Appliance or electronic device with a lithium metal/ion battery or even a spare battery (example: wheelchair with batteries)
  • Dry ice (2.5kg per passenger)

Checked baggage: Weight allowed by FlyMango

The hold baggage transport policy is simplified on flights operated by Mango Airlines. The number of free bags allowed in the hold depends on the class of travel, the destination of the passenger, on the entire network of the South African company.

For passengers who have booked their flights by choosing the 30kg fare. On the other hand, other passengers booking air tickets with other fares can carry 20kg of Baggage.

If you are planning a trip on a Mango Airlines plane, you should know that certain items are prohibited. They cannot be carried in your baggage going into the hold.

Also, if you exceed the limit of the allowance granted in your ticket, you will be obliged to pay a supplement to be able to travel with your luggage. Since then, it is important to understand that any baggage whose weight exceeds 32kg is not accepted by Mango Airlines, it will therefore be shipped by the freight forwarding service.

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