Getting a refund for a flight cancellation: What are the South African Airways conditions?

The airline South African Airways owes the passenger not only assistance and support when the flight is canceled, but also a refund.

It is also the responsibility of the airline to refund the unused ticket within 7 days of cancellation, knowing that a voucher (valid for future travel) cannot be imposed on the passenger without their consent.

Tickets issued by the airline of South Africa may be refunded prior to departure provided they have never been used. Once the ticket refund authorization is confirmed, please contact that company if you purchased the ticket from them to request a refund.

Obtain a refund following the cancellation of a ticket by the passenger

– This is possible in two cases:

Involuntary Cancellation: The airline cancels your flight and does not offer you alternative transportation.

Voluntary cancellation: you cancel your ticket at the fully or partially refundable rate.

Request your reimbursement request online

If you have booked your plane ticket on the website, or if you have purchased it from a SAA or other approved agency, in this case you have the option of requesting your reimbursement from the company. South African by internet, by filling out this form.

What must be presented to request a ticket refund?

In order to have your ticket reimbursed by South African Airways, remember to attach to your request the number of the ticket concerned, the flight number, the necessary supporting documents such as a medical certificate or other, and your contact details (your address and telephone number). ).

Customers who have purchased insurance are also encouraged to reach the South African airline by phone with any refund or cancellation requests.

What to do when booking a non-refundable plane ticket?

Unfortunately, when purchasing a non-refundable fare, the transport costs are not refundable to the passenger, unless otherwise provided in the conditions of application of the fare at which your ticket was purchased.

How can you get a refund if your flight has been canceled or delayed?

In case of cancellation or delay of the flight, you can reimburse the cost of all or part of the transport used in accordance with the rules of your tariff without deduction of fines and costs at the place of purchase. In the event of a change in the flight departure time, reimbursement will only be possible if you have canceled the seats in the reservation in advance.

You fell ill and could not use your ticket. How can you get a refund?

If you missed your flight due to illness, provide the airline with the original medical document (certificate, certificate of incapacity for work or extract from medical history) indicating that you were in a medical facility at the time of the flight. If you have already been discharged by that time, but for medical reasons you were prohibited from flying, you will also need a corresponding certificate from the attending physician (indicating the period during which the ban was in effect). Refunds are made at the place of purchase. Please note that a refund will only be possible if you have canceled the seats in your reservation in advance.

Overall, If you have purchased a ticket with South African Airways, you are entitled to a full refund within 24 hours of your flight. If you’ve purchased a one-way ticket, you can only cancel one segment of your trip. The status of your refund request can be viewed online, and you can contact South African Airways to find out your refund policy. If your ticket is not refundable, you will not receive a partial refund.

South African Airways’ cancellation policy applies to all tickets purchased through its website and from its authorized offices and agencies. You can submit your refund request through their website, but keep in mind that you cannot make a full refund request unless the airline is at fault. It’s important to understand that if a flight is delayed for more than 5 hours, you can cancel your flight and receive a full refund. You cannot request a refund if you have not received the correct confirmation for your flight.

The South African Airways refund process is very straightforward. You just need to fill out a form and wait for a response. The airline will review your request and give you a full refund. The refund will be granted to you within 7 days of the date of submission of your request.

If you are the one who chose to cancel the flight for any reasons, you should contact South African Airways as soon as possible. The South African airline agrees to refund your ticket if you cancel it within 24 hours of the original booking time. Cancellation of a flight after the end of this period will not result in a refund. The airline will credit the money to the original payment method.

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  1. Lydia Danai

    I am claiming a refund for a ticket I purchased to go to Zimbabwe before SA cancelled its flights from Australia to Zimbabwe

  2. Lydia Landesberg

    I am still trying to get a refund for two tickets I booked through expedia to fly in August of 2020. I have tried just about everything. The phone number expedia gave me was discontinued a long time ago. I have been trying to connect by email with SAA online refunds but receive no response. This is inexcusable! You never resumed the route that I booked and since I don’t live in South Africa, the credit is useless to me.

  3. Mary Kay Fitzgerald Crouch

    I have never received word about refund for itinerary UQSJVE…ticket 0837467307350 and 0837467307350. I need to rebook as soon as possible.

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