The Blue Card: The first status in the Voyager loyalty program of South African Airways

If you are a travel fan or if you travel frequently as part of your work assignments, Miles could be of great benefit to you. Between the different conditions for obtaining, using and reselling airline miles, which vary from one airline to another, it is difficult to find your way around. The principle is simple: save on the frequent trips you already make! On a one-way, round-trip, low-cost or business class, your expenses are a mine of exclusive benefits in exchange for the Miles accumulated.

Achieve Blue Status

The South Afircan Airways airline has made a loyalty program available to its customers.
In recognition of your loyalty, the South African company has made its Voyager loyalty program available to you. Become a member, collect miles during your trip and convert them into many benefits, all by obtaining the Blue card.

To join this loyalty program, all you have to do is go to the company’s website and create an account. When this account is created, you will be able to access it and update your profile, view your mileage statement or claim missing miles, but first you will receive the Blue card.

Thanks to this card, you can earn miles for each flight made on South African Airways lines and its airline partners, including its ground partners including hotels and car rental agents. These miles can then be exchanged for rewards: tickets, upgrades, excess baggage, or used to unlock the higher levels and statuses of the program, namely: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Lifetime Platinum.

As soon as they receive this card, customers will be able to accumulate qualifying miles, the more they travel, the faster they will have access to higher levels.

As a new member, the membership level begins with the Blue card which represents the program’s welcome card. This card allows you to receive up to 30,000 miles, earn miles on every trip, and have priority on the waiting list at the airport.

By making three transactions in miles, with South African Airways, or its partners (air, or ground), you get the Blue card.

Bonus miles will be paid to you once you confirm your registration and membership in this loyalty program.

Passengers with the Blue “Voyager” card benefit from technical support and privileged customer service.
Among the other privileges granted to holders of this card, priority on the waiting list on the day of departure. For these passengers, they benefit from a 5th degree priority on the waiting list.

Maintain Blue Status

To be eligible to keep this card and continue to enjoy its benefits, there is only one condition to be met: Have two base miles at the end of each calendar year.

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