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More and more people are buying airline tickets online through the Internet. It’s convenient, often cheaper than offline ticket counters or airline offices, as lower sales charges apply.
In addition, the South African company Kulula offers an online flight search and reservation service.

Using a flight booking tool, you can search for Kulula flights. You can check the prices of the different flights as many times as you want. Once you’ve found an acceptable price, you can book the flight. Be aware, however, that prices for flights can increase as soon as they sell out. It is best to book a Kulula flight as early as possible, as prices can change quickly.

The process of purchasing a ticket is as follows:

– Search for the most profitable plane ticket, for example, on this site;

– Reservation;

– Payment;

–  Receive a route receipt to your email.

First method

– By phone

Clarify your flight reservation, you can:

– Call the airline’s helpdesk or customer service back;
– In telephone mode, you will have to give your name and your reservation number or the ticket itself.

Employees of Kulula airline will be happy to serve the customer in the shortest possible time and provide all the necessary information. Usually it is already stored in their database.

If you wish to purchase an electronic ticket for an air flight with Kulula, you must go to the appropriate portal and enter the required data in the booking form. The last name is written in the line in the same form as in the passport, in Latin letters.

What if you have not received confirmation of the purchase of a Kulula flight ticket?

Sometimes it happens that you look like you issued a ticket, but you did not receive the confirmation of its purchase. In this case, try the following.

First, open your email and check your spam folder, a lot of messages are sent on behalf of the seller per day, and the letter may have gotten there. If it is valid in this folder, click on the “no spam” button and update your mail.

By booking your Kulula flight online, you receive an electronic ticket (e-ticket) which is not a paper document, but an entry in the airline’s database.

Such a ticket is convenient because it can be bought and received without leaving your home or office, and it is impossible to spoil, lose or forget.

The passenger does not receive the ticket itself, but its prototype – the itinerary receipt. It contains all the necessary information on the flight and constitutes confirmation of the effective issuance of the electronic ticket.

The receipt of the itinerary from is sent to the specified email within 15 minutes (or no later than 1 hour) after purchasing tickets on the website.

You can view, print and take with you to the airport a prototype electronic ticket, an itinerary receipt, which contains all the necessary information about the flight.

What is the itinerary receipt?

An itinerary receipt is issued to confirm the purchase of an electronic ticket. It contains:

– Full name of the passenger;

– Passenger passport data;

– Route information;

– Payment details;

– Make sure you have an itinerary receipt with you when traveling overseas, to go through passport control at airports. In this case, the receipt confirms that you have a return ticket or that you are following the route. Please keep your itinerary receipt and boarding pass until the end of your trip.

Find cheap flights?

Use the flight search form on enter the point of departure and destination and the estimated travel dates, then click on “Find plane tickets”. The search engine will select the best route for you and display all the prices of the airline tickets available for booking.

What is the Kulula electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket purchased via the Internet is:

–  An electronic form of a plane ticket, a complete replacement for traditional paper. The document looks like an itinerary receipt, arrives by e-mail in PDF format.

– Ensure the security of all data relating to the upcoming flight: this is the route taken by the passenger, the date of departure, personal data, payment information. And this is very important. All of this is securely stored in an electronic database.

At the same time, a person is guaranteed the same rights and opportunities that they would have with a familiar document on letterhead.

Likewise, it can be booked in advance, and pay the way the passenger chooses: in cash or with a card from any bank. As soon as payment is made, an itinerary receipt with detailed flight information is sent to the passenger’s email.

In addition, such a document has undeniable advantages over its paper counterpart:

– You will not be able to lose it, because the database of the transport company reliably stores all the information. You can always print another copy.

– No one can pretend and fly for you. For all passengers, it is a guarantee of safety.

– You can buy it anywhere: on the official website of the airline, on any other site offering a similar service, in a regular sales office or at the counters.

– You will spend a minimum of time there, but you will get a ticket at a cheaper price than a regular ticket. If you bought a ticket online, you don’t even have to travel – the document required for boarding will be emailed to you.

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