OR Tambo Airport: Gautrain Station

Johannesburg International Airport - OR Tambo Gautrain Station is elevated on the international departures level, accessible by elevators and escalators to the arrivals level, one level below the departures. For more information, see Gautrain official site.

From the airport, it is possible to take a bus to Gautrain station. It is a very short journey, but can still be tedious due to the number of buses that go to the city. However, there are taxis waiting at the airport, as well as a shuttle service. These transfers will cost you around Rands dollars, depending on the time of day. Buses are not always the most convenient option, as you may have to walk a long time to reach your destination. There is also a new train service that departs from Tambo Central Station, but it has yet to gain popularity.

Once you get to Gautrain there are a number of places to visit. The city is blessed with a wonderful range of outdoor activities, including rafting on the Tambo River and a safari to see the moa in its natural habitat. You can also go fishing, rent a bicycle and explore the beaches surrounding Tambo. Lake Tambo is another popular attraction, with a series of fishing lodges and campsites. There is an old fashioned lighthouse, as well as a theme park.

Upon arrival in Gautrain, a choice of hotels, resorts and guest rooms is available to you. Hotels include the Gautrain Hotel and Apartments, which have all modern amenities. B & Bs are also a good option, as the services provided are usually top notch.

Another airport transfer service, the Tambo Airport Transfer, provides transportation between Tambo and Gautrain. This company also provides transport between Tambo and the towns of Mahale and Kigali. Their vehicles are well equipped with modern interiors and safety features. Tambo Airport Transfer offers a safe and comfortable airport transfer experience, along with the convenience of being able to reach Gautrain and other places in the city.

Contact - HELPLINE
0800-GAUTRAIN or 0800 428 87246 (Toll-free)

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