Protect yourself against Mango Airlines flight cancellations by taking out travel insurance

Air travel is not only an opportunity to get quickly from point A to point B, to assess the food on the plane, to sleep or watch a movie, but also the risk of injury or of lost baggage. A theft insurance policy allows you to provide financial protection in unexpected situations. Is it worth buying air travel insurance?

Mango Airlines, in partnership with Allianz Travel, offers a travel insurance option. During your stay, you benefit from medical assistance and reimbursement of your medical expenses abroad or your additional expenses in the event of quarantine. For quick subscription, call +27 87 195 0581, email your request to or postal address: AGCS South Africa Limited, The Firs, 2nd Floor, 32 A Cradock Avenue, Rosebank , 2196, South Africa

Mango Airlines tickets are sold completely non-refundable. You must choose the rate that best suits your needs. You can also make sure you have appropriate insurance to cover in case you need to cancel your ticket.

Voluntary theft insurance covers significantly more risks than compulsory insurance and allows you to count on compensation in the following cases:

– Attack on life and health

The state is not involved here, so the future passenger chooses the maximum amount of compensation, and the percentage, depending on the degree of damage, is determined by the insurance company. The amount of compensation for voluntary insurance may be higher than for compulsory insurance. In this case, the passenger is entitled to receive compensation for both insurances. And this is a valid answer to the question of whether it is necessary to purchase insurance for the duration of the flight.

Flight delayed for more than 4 hours. In this case, the passenger will be reimbursed for the costs of accommodation, meals, purchase of a new ticket and other costs related to the delay.

– Lost, damaged or delayed baggage

In addition to the mandatory compensation from the airline.

– Trip cancellation

In this situation, the passenger can refund the cost of non-refundable tickets. These plane tickets are much cheaper than usual, they often have discounts. But if the plans change for unforeseen reasons (for example, due to an accident, hospitalization, fire in an apartment, etc.), it will not be possible to return the money spent or to change travel dates to others – and tickets will simply burn out. Theft insurance allows you to recover money for them. In total, non-refundable tickets with additional insurance will cost less than regular tickets.

Trip cancellation insurance will help you receive compensation in the event of trip cancellation not only for airline tickets, but also for paid hotels and all travel services.

Voluntary flight insurance by plane: in which cases will the passenger not be compensated?

Insurance payments are not allowed if the situation arose due to:

– Violation by the passenger of legislation, rules of carriage, disobedience of the orders of the captain, flight attendants and other authorized persons;

– The passenger is in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;

– The presence of chronic, oncological, mental diseases in the victim, both earlier and for the first time during the period of validity of the policy – in the case of travel cancellation insurance;

– Late for the flight after check-in;

– Natural disasters and a number of other cases.

Obtain compensation in the event of an insured event?

The first step is to contact the representatives of the airline or the airport to draw up an accident report and obtain a supporting document on the basis of which compensation will be paid.

The second step is to contact the insurance company, introduce yourself, give the policy number and expiry date, your location, describe the situation and follow the dispatcher’s instructions.

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