Hand and checked baggage allowance on Kulula flights

Travelers traveling with Kulula Airlines have a generous baggage allowance. Regardless of the class booked, customers of the South African airline departing from one of the African airports in its network can carry heavy baggage in the hold, regardless of their final destination.

Hand baggage: How many kilos in the cabin for each passenger?

Passengers of the airline of South Africa traveling in Business or Economy class to all destinations in its network, can enjoy a free baggage allowance of 7kg (only one item is allowed), the dimensions of which are: 56cm in length, 36cm in width and 23cm in height.

– Transport of liquids in the handbag

Please note, new international regulations prohibit the transport of liquids over 100 ml in the cabin.
Forbidden: gels, pasty substances, lotions and the contents of pressure receptacles, such as: toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, syrups, perfumes, shaving foam, aerosols and any other article of similar consistency.

Containers of less than 100 ml placed in a well sealed plastic bag (freezer bag type, capacity 1l, 20 cm x 20 cm) are allowed in the cabin. Only one bag per passenger. Other liquids should be placed in baggage traveling in the hold or discarded if the baggage is already checked in.

What accessories are accepted in the cabin?

In addition to your hand luggage, you can bring a personal accessory which must not exceed the following dimensions: 40 x 30 x 15 cm.

Example of an accessory to be transported in the cabin:

– 1 handbag
– Briefcase
– 1 small bag for a laptop, camera or other electronic device

Your accessory should fit easily under the seat in front of you, unless you are seated in an emergency exit row. In this case, you should store your accessory in a hanging storage bin.

Additional items you can take on board

It is possible to bring items that do not count such as hand luggage or accessories with in the cabin:
Jacket, coat, vest, umbrella, duty-free items purchased at the airport, children’s accessories such as a foldable stroller, car seat, medical equipment (crutch, folding wheelchair), …

Where should you store your hand luggage?

Your hand luggage should be stored in the storage bins located above your seat. Your item should be placed under the seat in front of you, unless you are seated in an emergency exit row. In this case, the accessory should be stored in a hanging storage bin.

Medicines authorized in the cabin

Liquid medicines (syrups, insulins, inhalers, etc.) essential during the flight are authorized in the cabin on condition that a statement, certificate or a legible and nominative prescription is presented.
There are no restrictions for solid drugs (tablets, capsules …).

Child food allowed in the cabin

You are authorized to carry in the cabin food for children in liquid form as well as sterilized water in sufficient quantity for the flight. However, you will need to taste these foods at security screening.

How many suitcases in the hold?

Like the vast majority of airlines, Kulula allows one suitcase in the hold per passenger. Its weight does not change depending on travel destinations.

If you exceed them, the company will charge you a supplement per kilo. The size of baggage traveling in the hold is also limited.

The number of checked bags you can carry at no additional cost depends on your travel cabin, fare and status. At Kulul, the minimum you can transport is a piece of 20kg and 208cm including 75cm in length, 43cm in width and 90cm in height.

The maximum weight to be transported in the hold is 32kg (of course after paying a baggage supplement).

Baggage allowed in the hold

All items are allowed in the hold except dangerous substances and materials:

– Detonating and deflagrating substances (firecrackers, fireworks, detonators, ammunition …)

– Flammable materials (gasoline, paints, etc.)

– Dangerous chemicals

– Gas and self-defense equipment projecting irritating, stinging or tear gas.
Types of luggage prohibited

– Dangerous articles and materials;

– Protective coverings in rudimentary materials (especially with household plastic wrap) are not accepted during check-in;

– All damaged, poorly covered baggage is systematically refused at check-in.

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