Book plane tickets for group travel with Mango Airlines

At Mango Airlines, groups can be considered as such with as little as 10 people. In addition, there is no limit or maximum number of passengers. The more the merrier, after all.

How much is the group discount?

Discounts vary based on factors such as group size, length of stay, special activities, and more. Discuss your group’s needs with your airline and they will make sure to find all the discounts you qualify for.

What types of groups can travel together?

Mango Airlines has made reservations for all types of travel groups. Its staff will be happy to organize group trips whether for destination weddings, getaways for golf lovers, birthday celebrations and even professional meetings, …

Book plane tickets for your group trip in the blink of an eye

Mango Airlines is committed to making your group travel arrangements as simple as possible. You can make Group Bookings Online, provide documentation and more, whether by phone or email! You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Are there benefits for groups traveling with Mango Airlines beyond reduced airfares and accommodation?

First, groups can take advantage of flexible payment options, often with a reduced deposit to secure each booking.

Then, in addition to the initial discounts, your party may qualify for free passengers and more flexible payment terms. Be sure to speak to your airline’s customer service representative for full details.

It is now possible to buy plane tickets quickly and cheaply. Even if you want to buy tickets for domestic and international flights to any country in the world for a group, you can book your flight tickets in advance. For example, you can send a request from the website, where you can indicate the names of all passengers included in the group.

Name changes are allowed for 10% (or more) of passengers in a party with a penalty. In addition, the airline announces the amount of the fine when it offers a group fare, i.e. 50% of the applicable fare. Also, it is not possible to change the itinerary and departure dates in group bookings. If you decide to order air tickets and buy them online, you must specify in the application:

  • Air route,
  • Travel date,
  • The number of people in the group,
  • Contact information.

The names of all passengers included in the group must be announced no later than 14 days before the start of the trip. Exceptions are possible if a seat group reservation on the aircraft is made more than 14 days before departure. As soon as the group booking is confirmed and the customer agrees to the offer, a deposit is paid for each ticket in the amount of 10% of the ticket price, but not less than the amount equivalent to 50 EUR per ticket.

The deposit can be paid in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer. The deposit must be paid within one week of group confirmation. When booking and confirming a group booking less than 6 weeks before departure, the deposit must be paid within 2 days of confirmation. The deposit serves as a guarantee of the price. Thus, you have the possibility “for sure” to buy tickets for the whole group.

Note that a group means of passengers of at least 10 people, booked for the same flights, on the same dates throughout the flight route. On the Internet you can buy plane tickets for the whole group. A convenient search system that sorts all airline offers by price will help you find the most cost-effective flight options. In addition, you can always ask a specialist a question on Mango Airlines website and receive operational information. Moreover, you can not only buy air tickets for the whole group, but also order delivery by sending a request from the site. Mango Airlines staff will not only help you profitably purchase air tickets for the whole group, but we will also provide you with additional services:

  • Optimization of difficult routes;
  • Hotel reservation;
  • Visa support;
  • Car rental;
  • Delivery service

You will find all the information concerning the purchase of plane tickets. You can also find out about ticket refunds here. For example, when returning business class tickets before departure, a fine is withheld, the amount of which is set by the airline when providing a group fare. Economy class tickets are non-refundable. Or they just come back with a fine, the amount of which depends on how many days it took to return the tickets. To fly with pleasure, you must take these rules into account.

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