IAG Cargo announces the resumption of its operations in South Africa

IAG Cargo recently announced the resumption of its services to South Africa. With thirty-one flights operated each week by its sister company British Airways from London, this resumption represents a positive step for the company and reflects the growing demand for freight transport in the region.

One of the main changes to this new service is the replacement of Boeing 777-200s with Airbus A350s and 777-300s. This change is expected to increase the capacity and efficiency of freight transport between London and South Africa.

The decision to use Airbus A350s and 777-300s underlines the commitment of IAG Cargo (the cargo handling division of International Airlines Group) to providing a superior level of service to its customers. These modern, fuel-efficient aircraft are well suited to long-haul flights and offer increased cargo and handling capabilities.

The strategic choice of IAG Cargo underlines the company’s desire to meet the growing demand for freight services. With South Africa being a key market, the increase in capacity on its route from the UK capital’s main hub to Cape Town is expected to meet the needs of various industries, including manufacturing, mining and agriculture.

The resumption of services to South Africa comes at a time when the global economy is gradually recovering from the impact of the pandemic.

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